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# Sentence Times
1. And the onus will be on employers to ensure their offices comply with the Display Screen Regulations. 1
2. As such foods become more widely available, the onus is on us to put our money where our mouths are. 1
3. Author point out emphatically: onus of proof is a legal liability of litigant, not other organization. 1
4. By contrast the bottom up approach puts the onus on the employee to do a self appraisal and then discuss it. 1
5. By importance degree they are: media propaganda, service and establishment, environmental factor, economic factor, life style, health factor, occupation and social onus factor. 1
6. Citizens are forced to take on the onus of de-escalation--because the people trained and theoretically paid to understand de-escalation refuse to. 1
7. Each of these assumptions is so questionable as to put the onus of proof very heavily on the trade unions. 1
8. Governments place the onus on their citizens to volunteer organs. 1
9. Having thus cleverly disarmed his remarks, he effectively placed the onus for taking them to heart squarely on Robby. 1
10. I believe the onus are upon us to vote down the project. 1
11. I believe the onus is upon us to vote down the project. 1
12. In the non-blocking case, the onus is on the programmer to ensure that the socket is writable, and to ensure that all the data gets written properly. 1
13. In the second place to put the onus of preventing censorship in libraries on individual librarians is unreasonable and unrealistic. 1
14. Inevitably the onus rests on the buyers and users to specify the products needed. 1
15. It does, however, put the onus of proof, case by case, on those who would nationalise industry. 1
16. It prefers to publish Charters laying the onus for provision of services on others. 1
17. It seems the onus is still very much on women to make the compromise, if needed, in a relationship. 1
18. Judicial cognitive rule is an important evidential rule in evidential law, which has the force to relieve the deputy party of onus probandi. 1
19. Maybe this takes the onus off what goodness is. 1
20. Mayor Willie Brown, rather than accepting the challenge, shifted the onus back on recalcitrant neighbors. 1
21. Never has technology or our relationship to it had such an onus. 1
22. Seeking answers, some call for increased education, some put the onus on parents. 1
23. That Act also places the onus on the knife carrier to show that he had good reason for possessing it in public. 1
24. The deputy judge concluded that the onus of establishing testamentary competence had not been discharged. 1
25. The export ban on onus has always been difficult to justify. 1
26. The law puts the onus on the lender to carry out necessary checks. 1
27. The main onus here is on China. 1
28. The onus is now on the Libyan people to show restraint and respect for the rule of law in dealing with regime officials and soldiers, and to refrain from vigilantism and retributive justice. 1
29. The onus is now on Untaet and the World Bank to prove their worth. 1
30. The onus is on employers to follow health and safety laws. 1



(the onus)

onuses (plural noun)

  - used to refer to something that is one's duty or responsibility.


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