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1. They obstructed and opposed China's struggle against fascism and the Chinese people's revolution. 1
2. "Gastrointestinal hypomotility is a serious side effect of clozapine that may result in bowel obstruction, ischemia and necrosis , perforation, or aspiration pneumonia, " the investigators conclude. 1
3. "I think very quickly they will be united in opposition," said Brad Glosserman, director of research at think tank Pacific Forum CSIS. "They'll be a very, very obstructionist party." 1
4. "Our findings provide compelling evidence that obstructive sleep apnea is a risk factor for stroke, especially in men, " noted Redline. 1
5. "Recently, both the United States Senate and the House of Representatives passed a motion condemning the obstruction of telecommunications during protests in Iran, " he said. 1
6. A carotid bruit is a sound that blood makes when it passes over an obstruction in the carotid artery, the main passageway for supplying blood to the head and neck. 1
7. A cohesive arch occurs when particle-to-particle bonds form, allowing the material to pack together and obstruct flow. 1
8. A complete intestinal obstruction is a medical emergency. It often requires surgery. 1
9. A few other conditions are in high intestinal obstruction. 1
10. A initial study on surgical treatment selection for obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome. 1
11. A J Trevett and colleagues reported on two patients who developed acute respiratory obstruction from swallowing live fish. 1
12. A large staghorn calculus is seen obstructing the renal peli - calyceal system. 1
13. A large staghorn calculus is seen obstructing the renal peli-calyceal system. The lower pole of the kidney shows areas of hemorrhage and necrosis with collapse of cortical areas. 1
14. A long wait for a patient with bladder outflow obstruction for a specialist opinion is both undesirable and unacceptable. 1
15. A mucocele is an encapsulated fluid collection which occurs due to obstruction of a paranasal sinus ostium. 1
16. A number of local people have been arrested for trying to obstruct lorries loaded with logs. 1
17. A parked car was obstructing the highway. 1
18. A passer-by told the driver to move his car so that it was not causing an obstruction. 1
19. A portal cavernoma is a network of porto–porto collateral dilated tortuous veins lying within the hepatoduodenal ligament, which develops as a sequel to portal vein obstruction. 1
20. A seventh Army drill sergeant at Aberdeen was charged Tuesday with rape, extortion, obstruction of justice and other offenses. 1
21. A similar obstruction would set back the LHC schedule by weeks. 1
22. A small aircraft now obstructed the runway. 1
23. A small aircraft was obstructing the runway. 1
24. A strike obstructed the work of the factory. 1
25. A violation of, depending on the severity and plot by his girlfriend placed strict, crack down, anybody, any form of excuses, resisted by obstruction of justice will punish. 1
26. A violation of, depending on the severity and plot by his girlfriend placed strict, crack down, anybody, any form of excuses,(This website/crack down.html) resisted by obstruction of justice will punish. 1
27. A wall of people in front of me were obstructing my view. 1
28. Aa bodily organ , tissue , or part caused by constriction or obstruction of the blood vessels. 1
29. Abstract: Objective : To illustrate the value of digital subtractiondacryocystography in the diagnosis of lacrimal duct obstruction. 1
30. Acute constipation occurs suddenly and may be due to appendicitis or to an intestinal obstruction. 1

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