Oaf Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. "Why weren't they eliminated already?" The avatar asked. "The servant of the Tranquil will be imparting them a strength your oafish legions do not possess. " 1
2. And everyone had a story about rude, oafish post office workers. 1
3. Fetal and unbalanced: Rate of gravid and fetal deformation compares dual odd embryo is 2 times taller, oaf of odd egg dual Shu You is double egg didymous 2 times. 1
4. He stood there grinning like an oaf. 1
5. He stood there grinning like an oaf.This website 1
6. I'm so sick of those giant lumbering oafs, clomping around with their massive shoes like they're so cool. 1
7. Leave the lady alone, you drunken oaf. 1
8. Look where you're going , you lumbering great oaf! 0
9. Mind that cup, you clumsy oaf! 0
10. Most CVs are built on this, with oafs routinely claiming to have unrivalled leadership skills or a passion for opera, when they like America's Next Top Model. 1
11. Na : Well , were the oaf to actually find and retrieve it, then yes, theoretically. 1
12. Only an oaf would remain longer. 1
13. Really, George was a tasteless oaf at times. 1
14. She deserves better than to be upended by a drunken oaf who seems incapable of controlling his social behaviour. 1
15. Suffice to say, they are not all loveable oafs like Winnie the Pooh. 1
16. That big oaf of a stonemason? 1
17. That man is a bungling oaf. 1
18. The bodyguards, as usual, were brave but oafish. 1
19. The oaf stumbled over the bucket, spilling all the water. 1
20. They have also, it must be admitted, sometimes floundered and fumbled like ten-thumbed, hammer-footed, constipated, sexless oafs. 1
21. Under the influence Clift was transformed from an articulate and relaxed friend into a repugnant oaf. 1
22. Unfortunately, facing Mrs Bottomley reduced me from passionate eloquence to an inarticulate oaf, and my opportunity was lost. 1
23. Warren G. Harding was mourned as if he were Lincoln when he died in 1923; history now sees him as one of our most inept and oafish presidents. 1
24. Watch it, you big oaf! 0
25. Why did she marry that great oaf? 1
26. You clumsy oaf that's the second glass you've broken today! 1
27. You clumsy oaf! You've broken it! 0
28. Your ignorance is why you will always be an oaf , oaf . And now, your weakness is why you will always be second rate. Goodbye, cretin. 2

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