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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use nude, so you can learn how to use nude in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word nude here, and see the words sound like or similar to nude

# Sentence Times
1. A human lung oat cell carcinoma was transplanted and serially passaged in BALB/CA/ JCL nude mice, cultivated under a specific pathogen free condition. 1
2. A judge Friday ruled in favor of a nude dancing club owner charged with violating Iowa's indecent exposure law. 1
3. A nude and candle-lit Derek has golden honey poured across her lean yet busty body. 1
4. A nude or flesh-colored bra denotes a personality that is natural, easy-going, down-to-earth and transparent. 1
5. A nude sculpture of the pop star Britney Spears clutching a dead bear rug has been creating a bit of a stir recently. 1
6. A poster showing a nude woman is wholly inappropriate for the office. 1
7. About 18,000 people posed nude on May 6 for US photographer Spencer Tunick in Mexico City's Zocalo Square, a new record for the American artist known for snapping his subjects in the buff. 1
8. Aims To study the influence of cantharidin on the proliferation of xenografts of human pancreatic cancer cell sw1990 in nude mice. 1
9. All in all, Chinese spring palace paintings are inclined to poetic imagination,(This website/veracious.html) yet western nudes commit themselves to veracious expression. 1
10. Alongside views of New York, landscapes, nudes and portraits are recurring themes in Fetting's work. 1
11. Although Beart is nude through most of this four-hour film, erotica is not the aim of director Jacques Rivette. 1
12. Among the photographers who were occupied in producing nude studies for the ateliers of Paris bas Julien Vallou de Villeneuve. 1
13. And, yeah, I want this whole scene in the nude, we're all nude, that's definite. 2
14. Anna Zborowska posed for two nude paintings, presumably painted in her rooms at the Sunny Hotel with Lunia acting as chaperone. 1
15. Anxious to be rid of the interruption, Madame Weill carefully brought the offending nude inside. 1
16. Apparently the couple had some nude scenes and Jared couldn't stomach the idea of his sweetheart frolicking with her ex! 1
17. Are there any nude scenes in the movie? 1
18. At the front of the painting is a nude figure carrying a torch. 1
19. Behind the house lay two nude figures grotesquely bald , with deliberate knife - slashes marking their bodies. 1
20. Bolero is an absolutely terrible movie but it features quite a bit of Derek in the nude. 1
21. But it was the same as drying her hair in the nude, with an electric hair dryer. 1
22. But it would not be impossible to get a nude photo printed at a Perfecta lab. 1
23. But the preparatory sketches and sometimes detailed studies that preceded them were nearly always nude figure studies of the historical characters. 1
24. Cap d'Agde is much more than just a nude beach: it is the "World Capital of Nudism." 1
25. Cavernous, gilded, former ballroom of the Great Eastern hotel, adorned with nudes and chandeliers. 1
26. Conclusion A nude mouse liver and spleen metastasis model of human ovarian carcinoma by subcutaneous transplantation has been established successfully. 1
27. CONCLUSION Bifidobacteria could induce apoptosis of nude mouse transplantated tumors of large bowel carcinoma, and decrease the proliferating activity of the tumors. 1
28. Depending on the animal model of nude mouse transplantation tumor of colorectal carcinoma, the effects of bifidobacterium adolescents on the development of the tumors were observed. 1
29. Derek Lam presented a veritable nude symphony with a nude jersey tunic and a nude double georgette one-piece and then a nude striped knit pointelle mesh dress. 4
30. Derek Lam presented a veritable nude symphony with a nude jersey tunic and a nude double georgette one-piece and then a nude striped knit pointelle mesh dress. This website 4

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