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# Sentence Times
1. 'The thing is as clear as noonday,'cried the squire.'This is the black - hearted hound's account - book. 1
2. " But wilt thou promise, " asked Pearl, " to take my hand, and mother's hand, to - morrow noontide? " 1
3. "The university was struck today with a tragedy of monumental proportions, " Virginia Tech President Charles Steger said during a press conference shortly after noon. 1
4. 8 a.m. - The early hours before the call to Jumu'ah (Friday) noon prayers are the quietest of the Cairene week. 1
5. A devotional prayer at morning, noon, and night to commemorate the annunciation. 1
6. A man fell asleep on the beach under the noonday sun and suffered a severe sunburn. 1
7. A more complex spiral develops if we chart the different position of the Sun at noon over the course of a year. 1
8. A new ballroom dancing class is being held from 10:30 to noon in Room 101. 1
9. A planning session at 11:30 will precede the noon lunch discussion. 1
10. A poor fisherman who knows the beauties of the misty mornings is much richer than a wealthy man who sleeps till noon in his palace! Mehmet Murat ildan  1
11. A puff at noon Is none too soon. 1
12. A sign in purple calligraphy says that King Arthur will be appearing at noon. 1
13. According to the track sun moves, I should arrive Liberty Island no later than noon, then there will be appropriate brightness on face of Statue of Liberty. 1
14. Adding a new twist to the tale, the latestresearch shows that the fungal coup de grace usually occurs at solar noon, whenthe sun is at its strongest. 1
15. After a nap at noon , I found it lying there conspicuously -- slanted and almost motionless. 1
16. After issuing instructions to Edelstein, Clanahan, and Boyd, the President adjourned the meeting until noon. 1
17. All day long from shadowless noon, we have gone round and round, in the narrow theme of love, like an old horse in a pound. 1
18. Also, many foreign-exchange brokerage firms closed at noon. 1
19. Although the hearing Tencent sport's popularity rocket sun at high noon, but the team of young players Luther - Head of the day is not easy. 1
20. Amal's parents had travelled to the Emirates for the weekend and would not return until Saturday noon. 1
21. Amaryllis had put on a dress which had arrived only that noon from London. 1
22. Ample time, so I thought, to beat the deadline for applications of noon on Monday March 23. 1
23. And now that the war is going worse than ever, the pestilence has emerged into noonday. 1
24. And shakes this fragile frame at eve With throbbings of noontide. 1
25. And speaking of minutes, I have interviews until noon, so why don't we right to work. 1
26. And there they sat without frames, naked in the heat of high noon, waiting to be paid attention to. 1
27. And when we compare the age of Tennyson and Darwin, of John Henry Newman and Carlyle, with our own, the only sensible reaction is one of humility: "We are our father's shadows cast at noon". 0
28. Another theory holds that the brain evolved to vent heat so we could hunt at high noon , when the lions slept. 1
29. Anyone wanting to make their pet a star should go along to an audition at the theatre on March 16 at noon. 1
30. Anyone who wishes to have their bike security marked should pop along between 10 a.m. and 12 noon. 1




noons (plural noun)

  - twelve o'clock in the day; midday.


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