Noisy Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use noisy, so you can learn how to use noisy in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word noisy here, and see the words sound like or similar to noisy

# Sentence Times
1. "Treating ambition several elder brothers go to your compartment noisy jollification! "Die fatty direction. 1
2. A 3-year-old male bulldog, Riggs is a drooler with protruding teeth and a penchant for attacking noisy appliances, begging for crumbs and hopping on furniture. 1
3. A deep path cut through the lush and noisy vegetation. 1
4. A generalized total least square algorithm in frequency domain is adopted for aircraft flutter modal parameter identification under noisy environment. 1
5. A group of noisy children tumbled out of the bus. 1
6. A lonely Samoyed can be a noisy and destructive Samoyed . A Samoyed will always want to be where you are. 1
7. A noisy crew of black-headed gulls is wheeling below the bridge, feeding on the river's detritus. 1
8. A noisy flock of tourists came into the building. 1
9. A noisy relaunch with attendant superstars will certainly attract lots of attention. 1
10. A noisy smoke-filled room is not the best environment to work in. 1
11. A problem for manufacturers is that lighter cars tend to be noisy. 1
12. A separate utility room nearby houses all the noisy domestic appliances. 1
13. A similar lift-off happens on "10 Mile Stereo", when the song shifts from its deliberate opening bars to its rushing and noisy main section that's as close as Beach House have come to true shoegaze. 1
14. Abuse rained down on the noisy students from the open windows. 1
15. Accelerometer readings can be jerky and noisy. Applying low-pass filtering on the signal allows you to smooth it and get rid of high frequency noise. 1
16. Adding a little oil into the mechanism is one of the best cures for a noisy engine. 1
17. Aim at soupy images' bigger noisy, this thesis in detail analyzed the method of eliminating noisy, based wavelet theory. 2
18. All the children are not noisy. 1
19. Altercation is a formal word and indicates a noisy argument. 1
20. Although Cantonese tea houses are very noisy, nobody plays cards or mah-jongg. 1
21. Although the mahjong tiles were still clicking in Chuehhsin's room, they were not nearly so noisy. 1
22. America is a talkative and noisy nation. So are the American people. Dr T.P.Chia  1
23. An improved weighted noise power estimation algorithm is proposed in the paper by taking into account the correlation of inter-frequency in the noisy speech. 1
24. And the adaptive noisy control system of enclosed space is built using the TMS320C30 DSP hoard, in experiment, structure vibration signal acts as reference signal and speaker act as hypo-voice. 1
25. Arnold was a widower and very cheerful and noisy in a hail-fellow-well-met sort of way. 1
26. As a result, "rock" has been used to describe everything from bands playing catchy rhythms to groups based on tuneless, noisy guitars. 1
27. As he arrived he was met by a rabble of noisy, angry youths. 1
28. Assessment of speech intelligibility distances in noisy conditions. 1
29. At the end of some noisy haggling he had ended up paying the driver way over the odds. 1
30. At weekends the beach is crowded with noisy trippers. 1

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