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1. A 30-year-old female patient presented with macrodactyly of the left thumb, hemihypertrophy of the left lower extremity, plantar cerebriform hyperplastic mass and nodules for thirty years. 1
2. A 35-year-old woman presented with a friable nodule that bled easily and had peripheral erythema on the upper chest wall. 1
3. A 4-year-old girl presented with generalized papules , erythema, desquamation, subcutaneous nodules around large joints, as well as a 3-year-history of progressive eye damage. 1
4. A centrilobular pattern of nodules is visible, associated with bronchial wall thickening, and mild bronchiectasis. Tree in bud is visible in many locations. 1
5. A cutaneous form of tuberculosis characterized by reddish-brown ulcerating nodules, usually appearing on the face, that heal slowly and produce deep scars. 1
6. A few nodules are visible in relation to interlobular septa. 1
7. A few small lung nodules are also visible. This patient shows a perilymphatic pattern. Subpleural nodules are visible particularly in relation to the major fissures. 2
8. A good mine site will be not only densely strewn with nodules, but also benign. 1
9. A minority of retroperitoneal liposarcomas may, either at the time of initial diagnosis or at the time of local recurrence, contain nodule(s) of non- lipogenic sarcomatous elements. 0
10. A simple and rapid diagnostic field test for BU is urgently needed because early disease – nodule – can be treated locally and inexpensively. 1
11. A woman presented with pruritic papules and nodules on her left auricle around for more than 1 year, sonic of them were easily ruptured and bleeding after bruising. 1
12. A yellowish - orange, lipid - filled nodule or papule in the skin, often on an eyelid or a joint. 1
13. Acetylene induced decline in nitrogenase activity was found only in the healthy (unstressed) nodules, but not in the stress treated nodules. 2
14. Acne is a chronic inflammatory disease of pilosebaceous follicles, characterized by comedones, papules, pustules, nodules, cysts, and often scars. 1
15. Advanced gout. Untreated gout may cause deposit of urate crystals to form under the skin in nodules called tophi(TOE-fi). 1
16. Alizarin red S staining showed that the reaction of calcifying nodules was positive when cultured for 4 weeks. 1
17. Alizarin red S staining showed that the reaction of calcifying nodules was positive when cultured for 4 weeks.This website/staining.html 1
18. All of the cases almost presented with a painless mass which was movable, but there was no nipple retraction, hydroderma, satellite nodules and bloody nipple discharge, etc. 1
19. Anatomically, these tumors differ from subependymal nodules by their size and their tendency to enlarge. 1
20. And unlike with manganese nodules, the technology to extract the sulphides is not available. 1
21. As in patients with miliary metastases, the small nodules can sometimes be seen in relation to small pulmonary vessels, an appearance that reflects their mode of dissemination. 1
22. Asphalt-bearing barite nodules were discovered in the marine deposit of the bottom of Lower Cambrian formation in the western margin of Tarim Basin located in the Xiorbrag area, Arksu. 1
23. Because of the similar size of secondary lobules, centrilobular nodules often appear to be evenly spaced throughout the lung. 1
24. But many of the companies interested have a potentially redundant nodule mining technology on their hands. 1
25. By using fluorite, swarf and others for inoculanting the nodular iron the nodule count in inoculated iron increased obviously, even by over 100% more than that the iron without inoculation. 1
26. Cancerous conditions may cause a distinct nodule or lump on the gland. 1
27. Carcinous bronchiologram, vacuole and nodule sign were major internal features. 1
28. Certain inflammatory dermatoses, known as the panniculitides, principally affect this level of the skin, producing subcutaneous nodules. 1
29. Chromium treatment significantly decreased nodule numbers, nodule fresh weight, leghemoglobin content and nitrogenase(acetylene reduction)activity per plant or per gram of nodules. 3
30. Classically, ganglioglioma is described as a cystic mass with a mural nodule in approximately 40% of diagnosed cases. 1

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