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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use newcomer, so you can learn how to use newcomer in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word newcomer here, and see the words sound like or similar to newcomer

# Sentence Times
1. " That's right, " returned the newcomer, a gentleman of about forty - five. 1
2. "Jean, if monsieur pleases, " replied the newcomer, "Jean Passepartout, a surname which has clung to me because I have a natural aptness for going out of one business into another. 1
3. "Psychiatric populations may or may not be more susceptibleto the neuropsychiatric effects of the drugs, but we do not have the answer now, " said newcomer. 1
4. "Sergeant, I should like a word with you," said the newcomer, in a pleasantly-inflected baritone. 1
5. A later law dealing with landless newcomers, specifies that they should receive half the property, and not two-thirds. 1
6. A newcomer disputed with the trustie in his first moments inside the hut. 1
7. A newcomer has appeared on the fashion scene. 1
8. A newcomer to the list this year, former Marie Claire editor Lesley Jane Seymour has led More –a magazine for women in their40s and 50s –since January 2008. 1
9. A relative newcomer to the news control booth is the remote coordinator. 1
10. A relative newcomer to Wallingford, starting seven years ago. 1
11. A shop girl was the destiny prefigured for the newcomer. 1
12. A welcoming committee greets newcomers to the Parkside neighborhood. 1
13. After living here five years, we're still considered comparative newcomers. 1
14. Aggressive newcomers corner the market. 1
15. Also elected was council newcomer Mike Rowlinson. 1
16. Alternatively, rearrange the aquarium decor so that the fish are too puzzled about their home to notice newcomers. 1
17. Although I am a newcomer of the company, I don't want to act like a servitor , I always want to be the leader or mainstay of a team. 1
18. Although she's a newcomer to the sport, she's already very successful. 1
19. An experienced producer at a major London agency was recently asked to list them for the benefit of newcomers. 1
20. And the newcomers provide a willing hand for jobs others may spin. 1
21. Android: Many newcomers to Expect wonder in their enthusiasm for the tool whether it automates GUI interactions with the deftness it handles command-line dialogues. 1
22. Another was a newcomer to our church and to our city, doing an Edinburgh house-to-house collection for the first time. 1
23. Anybody else, including newcomer Wil Cordero, must fight it out in spring training just to be his backup. 1
24. As a newcomer to a job and organisation, you may find yourself groping around to discover how status operates. 1
25. Ashton nominated John as the most promising newcomer. 1
26. At newcomer Funeral Homes, a discount outlet based in Topeka, Kans. (where a casketed funeral costs just $4, 000), business was up 10 percent in 2008. 1
27. B : Have you met my teammate David, a newcomer in our team? 1
28. Being beaten by a newcomer has really taken the wind out of his sails. 1
29. Bennett called her chicken, said she was afraid to race the newcomer. 1
30. Blundell has filled the vacancy which had been earmarked for first-choice newcomer Damon Hill. 1

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