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# Sentence Times
1. A local variable is one that is only available for use (that is, you can assign to it, or fetch its value) within the scope in which it is declared, and within nested scopes as well. 1
2. A name can be hidden by an explicit declaration of that same name in a nested declarative region or derived class (10.2). 1
3. A nested list is a bulleted list with subordinate ( usually indented ) numbered or bulleted lists. 1
4. A nested multilevel structure of BOM is presented to describe the construction of product and half product, which actualizes the mutual alteration in the BOM designing. 1
5. A nested numerical storm surge forecast model for the East China Sea is developed. 1
6. A small colony nested on the basalt rock face. 1
7. A template can constrain any data type component, including recursively nested components. 1
8. AggregatePublishService produces an aggregate PDF rendition consisting of simple documents and nested compound documents that are all siblings of the parent compound document. 1
9. All non-immediate components are local and are typically nested within another schema component. 1
10. Amberfish is general purpose text retrieval software. It supports nested queries of semi-structured text in XML format and traditional unstructured searching. 1
11. An approach to manage object data in graphic database is presented. Some key techniques such as nested transaction, transaction submitting, precautionary locking, and conflict resolving are discussed. 1
12. An entire group of thick-billed murres and black-legged kittiwakes were swept into the ocean when the cliff face they had nested on collapsed. 1
13. An NPSI would take advantage of lookaside on the index, for example, with a nested loop join in which the outer rows drive sequential access to the inner. 1
14. Another approach is to write a method nested in the tag declaration of an object and assign the event handler to the event attribute of that method. 1
15. As previously stated, ordered input is essential to a merge scan join, but it is not required for nested loop joins. 1
16. As the riders passed they called out: high-pitched cries which startled the birds that nested in the tree-tops. 1
17. As you can hear, the result is a bit cacophonous (although you can hear its nested structure in a coarse way). 1
18. At least five species of turtles nested on Ghanaian beaches in the past, but today it's believed to be just the leatherback, olive ridley and green turtles. 1
19. Based on first-order FIR and IIR low-pass filter, the stability condition of nested structure is analyzed, and the performance of nested low-pass comb filter is introduced. 2
20. Because the target XML document structure contains a nested hierarchy with repeating elements, you must customize this XML Output stage to aggregate information for each account. 1
21. Birds had nested under the eaves. 1
22. Birds nested in the porch and in the guttering, and a bold jackdaw started to build in the cold unused chimney. 1
23. Centralized management system uses the entire data-level nested structure, at all levels alone to complete the work belongs to the parent to provide access interface. 1
24. Code readability is improved by removing one level of nested parentheses. 1
25. Conclusion Combining laser microdissection and nested RT-PCR can monitor gene expression at a single cell level in vivo. 1
26. Deadlock prevention: ConTest can analyze whether locks were taken nestedly in conflicting order, which indicates a danger of deadlock. 1
27. Did you notice that we use i as a parameter name twice, first in the factorial method and again in the nested fact method? 1
28. Figure 4 shows a plan using the nested loop join operations at the federated server to evaluate this query. 1
29. First, a nested transaction model based on functional alterative tasks is given by analyzing the characteristics of real-time transactions in mobile distributed envir. 1
30. First, a nested transaction model based on functional alterative tasks is given by analyzing the characteristics of real-time transactions in mobile distributed environment. 1







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