Neglected Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. "Forgive my manners," she said calmly. "I neglected to introduce myself.". 1
2. A junior embryologist neglected to read the label on the embryos before they were implanted in the wrong woman through IVF. 1
3. A scheme run by the Countryside Commission gives farmers an annual payment for neglected hedgerow. 1
4. A thousand or more children are being abused or neglected every week - and three or four die every week. 1
5. Above text segment extracted from our side of the true story, when we earnestly do one thing at a time often neglected another very important thing to turn. When really exclamation. 1
6. Accordingly, in 1883 a woefully neglected Ruckers of 1612 was located in Windsor Castle and proffered as a likely candidate. 1
7. Aesthetics and functionality of cap height and armhole must be calculated and the technical compatibility between the two cannot be neglected either. 1
8. After the Harlem Renaissance, the black men writers' "protest literature" that are full of racial conflicts occupied mainstream, Hurston and her positive black women images were neglected. 1
9. Again, this field of study has remained relatively neglected, and it would behove future researchers to devote more attention to the phenomenon of neo-virginity. 1
10. Aging is the neglected stepchild of the human life cycle. 1
11. Agriculture was awfully neglected in the past. 1
12. Almost a century later Manaus's neglected cultural life is re-emerging with a Slavic twist. 1
13. Although correlation between different - AMthe effect can be neglected when correlation coefficient is less than 0.5. 1
14. Although largely neglected today, this latter function is unashamedly manipulative. 1
15. Although paternity test has been widely used as a modern technology, but the related ethical problems have long been neglected. 1
16. An impish teenager neglected by her mother, she fell in love with the theatre at an early age. 1
17. And if the plasma have high density and electron collision frequency, the influence of magnetic can be neglected. 1
18. And modern immigrants have become force that cannot be neglected for a suzerain state. 1
19. And you may like to know that we have not neglected the infant's biological need to suckle. 1
20. Animals were neglected and lived in appalling conditions. 1
21. Another criticism levelled at Coleman was that his teaching neglected animals other than the horse, contrary to the original constitution of the College. 1
22. Another interesting aspect that has been almost entirely neglected concerns horizontal influences in near and distant gubernii. 1
23. Antiracists have pointed out that in privileging prejudice and attitudes the multiculturalists have neglected racism as embedded in structures and institutions. 1
24. Any analysis of human behavior which neglected these facts would be defective indeed. 1
25. Apart from all these fundamental aspects of avian immunology, practical aspects should not be neglected. 1
26. As a "non-mainstream" writer, the modality of psychological patricide in Shen Congwen's works was non-mainstream and also had been neglected during the psychological-patricide-age period of May 4th. 1
27. As a fontal concept influencing Chinese culture, wind is always neglected. 1
28. As a result, it is very necessary to reexamine the documents that have been neglected. 1
29. As Goffmann points out these signs have been neglected or disparaged as trivial items. 1
30. As I was dithering between neglected work and abandoned clearing up, she rang me. 1

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