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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use neat, so you can learn how to use neat in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word neat here, and see the words sound like or similar to neat

# Sentence Times
1. "Make the punishment fit the crime." How neat and tidy it sounded. 1
2. "Oh, those new apartments are really neat," the girl babbled on. 1
3. "She thinks he's pretty cute and pretty neat, " Dan Falkner said. 1
4. "That's not like Alf," he said, "leaving papers muddled like that. He'salways so neat." 1
5. "The pills were found wrapped neatly in a plastic bag and hidden in his sweat pants. They were specially made with several layers, " one police officer said. 1
6. A cooker that will fit neatly into your modern fitted kitchen. 1
7. A cropped and fitted jacket nips in to show off a neat waist and looks trim with a long line skirt. 1
8. A fan of neat, clean house while stuff piling like hell when losing you. 1
9. A few miles inland from the Sea of Cortez in Mexico, amid cracked earth and mesquite and sun - bleached cactus, neat rows of emerald plants are sprouting from the desert floor. 1
10. A few odd days of film work slotted neatly round that weekend, leaving her no ready excuse apart from cowardice. 1
11. A few people were about, returning from church or walking home with a newspaper or a neatly wrapped pastry. 1
12. A fleet of elevators stood neatly in a row inside the swing doors. 1
13. A friend of mine recently stitched himself up neatly. 1
14. A large tear trickled down her nose, but she fielded it neatly before Susan saw. 1
15. A little later, neatly dressed in tweed suit and cashmere jersey she climbed the stairs to Phoebe's flat. 1
16. A long, rather stark couch held neat piles of clean kandoras and white head scarves which were laid there daily. 1
17. A lot of people to explore the jointless bridge, I tell you, truly seamless bridge is no bridge, when the card after, use of nail length card a stack of cards on top of it, and neat poker. 1
18. A man with neat, moisturised hands is a huge turn-on for a woman, making her want to hold it or even kiss it. 1
19. A neat example of a sinusoidal oscillator is the Wien bridge oscillator shown in figure 10.13. 1
20. A neat illustration of the fact that gullibility seems to be a disease of other people was provided by Martin Gardner, a great American debunker of pseudoscience, who died this year. 1
21. A neat lawn surrounded by rows of shrubbery hugged the base of the red-brick building. 1
22. A neat little chip by Putt was pursued by Kieran Campbell, and the winger just won the race for the touchdown. 1
23. A neat marketing ploy, and a good way of interesting children in aviation. 1
24. A neat move between Black and Keane left Nigel Clough in the clear, but his shot skimmed wide of the far post. 1
25. A neat solution of the quadrature problem can be achieved with the spiral of Archimedes. 1
26. A neat step-over by Rocastle sent Thomas hurtling in on goal but Rhodes moved sharply off his line to smother the shot. 1
27. A neat stone arch and a flight of steps were built at the entrance and these have survived. 1
28. A neat touch is the central laminate of the maple necks. 1
29. A neatly folded handkerchief was sticking out of his jacket pocket. 1
30. A rather neat option allows you to design your own fiendish puzzle. 1

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