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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use nearly, so you can learn how to use nearly in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word nearly here, and see the words sound like or similar to nearly

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1. 'A lot of people find it very difficult indeed to give up smoking.'--'Oh yes. I used to smoke nearly sixty a day.'. 1
2. 'That' is nearly always left out, especially in speech. He's dead and it's no use wishing him alive again. 1
3. "Ecuador has nearly lost one third of its ice," says the glaciologist Bolivar Caceres, the head of the government's glacier and meteorology unit. 1
4. "Faust"—Goethe's masterwork–was begun in the 1770s and completed nearly 60 years later. 1
5. "For the first time in nearly three decades the German Shepherd dog finds itself in the number two position, displacing the Yorkshire Terrier, " said American Kennel Club spokeswoman Lisa Peterson. 1
6. "In any case, we assume we will be using nearly maintenance-free engines by 2050, " Krein explains. 1
7. "Initially we thought it would be nearly impossible to get the authorization from the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG), and wanted to give up," Chen says. 1
8. "Most women's bodies do not produce nearly enough testosterone to become 'bulky' like those body builders on TV, " Tyne says. 1
9. "Six months ago, it was nearly impossible to imagine this day would ever come," said Ron Forman, president and CEO of the Audubon Nature Institute. 1
10. "Six months ago, it was nearly impossible to imagine this day would ever come," said Ron Forman, president and CEO of the Audubon Nature Institute.This website 1
11. "The fact that nearly 25 percent of our total trade deficit is from our trade relationship with China shows an indisputable need to correct this imbalance," English said. 1
12. "The regulation is one key step for now, but it's not nearly enough, " said Wang Liming, a People's University vice president and legal adviser to the legislature. 1
13. "The way our state is dealing with class size is nearly criminal," said Chris Kirchner, an English teacher at Coral Reef Senior High School in Miami. 1
14. "This is the most compelling evidence in nearly 25 years that a novel antibiotic drug combination works better than the current gold standard," he added. 1
15. "We had a wide-ranging discussion about the continuing progress that Iraq is making," Obama said after a nearly hourlong Oval Office meeting. 1
16. A £500 agreed overdraft with NatWest will cost you nearly £92 over a year. 1
17. A bachelor of nearly fifty decides to marry. 1
18. A Bishop is a very busy man: he must every day receive the secretary of the bishopric, who is generally a canon, and nearly every day his vicars-general. 1
19. A blue - white supergiant and one of the luminous stars known, it is nearly 800 light - years away . 1
20. A blue-white supergiant and one of the most luminous stars known, it is nearly 800 light-years away. 1
21. A booming hearty from the higher reaches of Personnel fills our glasses and remembers nearly everyone's name. 1
22. A car bomb rips through an open-air market in Baghdad today, killing at least 66 people, nearly 90 people are injured. 1
23. A car suddenly shot out of a side road and nearly hit me. 1
24. A caring relative who has a strong attachment to the old person may find the vulnerability of the loved one nearly intolerable. 1
25. A centralized banking network could fulfill nearly every information need a malevolent dictator might have. 1
26. A count at low tide tallies nearly 800 rocks, reefs, islands and other features poking above the surface. 1
27. A craton includes a crystalline basement of commonly Precambrian rock called a shield, and a platform in which flat-lying or nearly flat-lying sediments or sedimentary rock surround the shield. 1
28. A cricket an inch long has a chirp that is audible for nearly a mile. 1
29. A discussion of copyleft licenses focuses on the early history of the GPL,(This website/software license.html) which Kelty identifies as an Ur-license that nearly every other free software license is descended from. 1
30. A fascinating and provocative timetable spanning nearly 200 million years has emerged. 1

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