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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use name, so you can learn how to use name in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word name here, and see the words sound like or similar to name

# Sentence Times
1. starts at the node associated with variable curlink (the absence of a leading forward slash means the first token is a variable name) and navigates to the parents of the parents of that start node. 0
2. (exclamation mark) and provide :N, where 0 refers to the command name, 1 refers to the first argument, and so on. 1
3. 'Commander of the Army of the Kingdom of Scotland ' - the outlaw Wallace was now knighted and made Guardian of Scotland in Balliol's name at the forest kirk, at either Selkirk or Carluke. 1
4. 'Doolally', meaning 'crazy', is 19th century soldiers' slang, and comes from the name of an Indian town. 1
5. 'First they didn't believe that my name was genuine, and when I convinced them, they thought it was hilarious. It's never-ending. 1
6. 'His name's Terry, actually,' she butted in. 0
7. 'His voice namely incredibly very gentle and soft, mention ugg boots life person's pendency namely a cordage. 2
8. 'If you make up a story about a uniformed valet with a name badge in a valet parking lot with a Lion chasing him around the car, it should provide enough information to get his name right. 2
9. 'In her name, then, let it be done ; I sanction it . 1
10. 'My name's not Sonny,' the child objected. 0
11. 'Patience' is my middle name! 0
12. 'Pegasus' can be handled similarly if we read it as short for a description: 'the winged horse captured by Bellerophon'. So for all proper names. 1
13. 'She remembered my name after all those years.' 'Fancy that!' 1
14. 'Swine flu', the word used to describe the killer viral infection, has been named the most politically incorrect word of 2009 by Global Language Monitor, a group that studies word usage. 1
15. 'Tell monsieur what kind of shoe it is, and the maker's name.'. 1
16. 'The Manhattan Project' was the insiders' name for the hush-hush project. 1
17. 'This may have recalled the brave hand-to-hand combat of the Korean War and China's players may fight well, but this is still a loss of face, ' wrote a Weibo user going by the name of Liu Zhe. 1
18. 'Was his name David?'--'No I don't think it was, but never mind, go on.'. 1
19. 'Well, I'm Brinksley Meers, and my other name is Gloria Gleam. 1
20. 'What's your name?' he asked brusquely. 1
21. 'What's your name?' he asked, pointing at the child with his pen. 1
22. 'What's your name?' she asked. 1
23. 'Why, in the name of Davy Jones,' said he,'is Dr Livesey mad?' 1
24. 'Xerox' is a proprietary name and may not be used by other makers of photocopiers. 1
25. 'You have a convict there who's returned from Australia, 'shouted the steerer. 'That's the man, in the cloak. His name is Abel Magwitch. I'm a Customs officer and I arrest him! ' 1
26. " anaplasty of penis of dragon family name " is there those who had become this operation? How many money to want? 1
27. " And in half an hour,'said Maximilian in a gloomy voice, " our name is dishonored! " 1
28. " Carrie, " he said, using her first name with sympathetic familiarity, " I want you to love me. 1
29. " He's then asked the name of the film winning the Academy Award for Best Picture when the teacher was 15. "Lawrence of Arabia," Kim says, without hesitation. "That's right!" the teacher replies. 1
30. " Her name Belle Watling,'said Uncle Peter, his lower lip beginning to protrude. 1

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