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# Sentence Times
1. A bottom plodder by nature, a startled common snapper coaxes grace from its heavy, muscled body as it swims across a Florida pond. 1
2. A large, thickly muscled and leather-masked cultist draped a black, eyeless hood over the victim's head before pulling a foot-long spike from his sash. 1
3. Akhal-Tekes have short cannon bones and low-set hocks, while the forearm and gaskins are long and smoothly muscled. 1
4. All the small buttocks somehow showed and, below that, the small muscled legs and tapering bare feet. 1
5. As the truck stopped, she saw the scowling, muscled man with the mustache. 1
6. Back is broad and well muscled. Loin is short and meets the croup smoothly. 1
7. But Putin's forces muscled the bill through 251 to 22, with the Communists staging a walkout during the vote. 1
8. Even the years of military training had not muscled him into hardness. 1
9. Fury filled his canine brain and coursed through his powerfully muscled body. 1
10. He took a grip on the timber and, tensing two muscled arms, lifted the whole load clear of the skip. 1
11. He was muscled out of the hall in full view of the press. 1
12. He's a muscled, tattooed eunuch who's looking for a hidden Masonic pyramid. 1
13. Hector was heavily muscled with long arms and big, high-knuckled hands that caught sharp and hot metal surfaces and absorbed grease. 1
14. Hips and thighs strong and well muscled, giving abundance of propelling power. 1
15. Hips and thighs, strong and muscled, giving abundance of propelling power. 1
16. His body was a sculpture of muscled perfection; his expertise in what he did with it had her breathing with wonderment. 1
17. His tattoos and muscled arms also felt out of place,(This website/out of place.html) and he put them behind him. 1
18. In answer to Grant's summons, Larsen had turned up accompanied by ten well muscled companions. 1
19. It must be his over-sensitive suspicious mind that made him see a relieved relaxing of those muscled shoulders. 1
20. It was that of a young man, tall but somewhat flabby muscled. 1
21. It would be surprising were the Mafia not to have muscled in. 1
22. Its first stage is a souped-up version of one of the shuttle's solid-fuel rockets; its top stage is a similarly muscled-up model of the Saturn's massive J2 engines. 0
23. Joe and Tony muscled their way through the crowd. 1
24. Long, muscled legs were shown to full advantage by a pair of crisp khaki shorts. 1
25. Neck is strong, arched and well muscled. There may be some dewlap. 1
26. One long, heavily muscled leg had been thrown over hers, pinning her beneath him. 1
27. The American Bobtail is a medium-to-large, naturally occurring, bobtailed cat; a noticeably athletic animal, well muscled, with the appearance of power. 1
28. The American Bobtail is a medium-to-large, naturally occurring, bobtailed cat; a noticeably athletic animal, well muscled(sentence dictionary), with the appearance of power. 0
29. The back is muscular with firmly muscled loin. 1
30. The first impression of a good German Shepherd Dog is that of a strong, agile, well muscled animal, alert and full of life. 1




  - having well-developed muscles.


  - move (an object) in a particular direction by using one's physical strength.


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