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# Sentence Times
1. ' Looking at various individuals, he added: 'Pirlo has some pain in his adductor muscle, if he's not fit then Vogel will come in. 1
2. "Antagonistic acupuncture" is to acupuncture the antagonistic muscle of the spastic muscle, make it contract rhythmly with . 2
3. "Glycogen is necessary for thinking; it's necessary for muscle action; it's necessary just for the cells to live in general, " says Dr. Naomi Neufeld, an endocrinologist at UCLA. 1
4. "I don't think I will recover in time to face Arsenal, " he said. "I have a flexor muscle problem that I picked up in the game with Siena. 1
5. "It appears epicatechin treatment combined with exercised could be a viable means to offset muscle ageing, " said Dr Malek. 1
6. "Strength-duration curve" of tibialis posterior muscle and axons growth rate of distal myelinated fiber were used as the viewing indexes. 1
7. "There is a reflex that prevents the muscle from being stretched too much," which is activated by static stretching, inducing the muscle to become, in effect, tighter in self-protection. 2
8. "You might want to warm-up and stretch before a run, but if you are lifting weights wait until after the workout to stretch your muscles, " Tyne suggests. 1
9. 5Swiss ball sit-up This is more challenging than a normal sit-up because the instability of the ball forces the core muscles to work harder. 1
10. 6Bridging To improve core stability and encourage use of the gluteal muscles to avoid the quadriceps dominating. 1
11. A baby with low muscle tone has a slumped posture and is slow to sit up. 1
12. A banana is like a natural sleeping pill. Besides containing melatonin and serotonin in small quantities, a banana also contains Magnesium, material that can stimulate muscle relaxant. 1
13. A bath can relax tense muscles. 1
14. A boto's jaw muscles can snap its elongated beak down on prey with crocodilian ferocity. 1
15. A bottom plodder by nature, a startled common snapper coaxes grace from its heavy, muscled body as it swims across a Florida pond. 1
16. A brain–computer interface (BCI) is a communication system that does not depend on the brain's normal output pathways of peripheral nerves and muscles. 1
17. A club spokesman said: "In the training session before the Champions League game at Chelsea, Steven Gerrard unfortunately aggravated a small strain he had previously suffered in his adductor muscle." 1
18. A complex system of muscles is brought into play for each body movement. 1
19. A day later, the tissue was inserted between stomach muscles, just above the bellybutton, where blood supply is plentiful. 1
20. A doctor may prescribe a suitable muscle relaxant and he will check to ensure that there are no underlying problems causing the cramps. 1
21. A dynamometer is used to measure muscle power. 1
22. A few days later, through the gastroscope muscle ring pylorus incision, the baby back to normal. 1
23. A flat foot is squishy, causing muscles and tendons to stretch and weaken, leading to tendinitis and arthritis. 1
24. A follow-up study that looks at the long-term effects of transcendental meditation and muscle relaxation is expected to be completed in August. 1
25. A good belly laugh contracts muscles from the abdomen to the shoulders. 1
26. A good massage will relax your tired muscles. 1
27. A healthy human spine has a natural S-shape, but sitting pushes the lower lumbar curve into more of a C-shape so that the back and abdominal muscles designed to support the body are unused. 1
28. A heart attack is caused by the blood vessels that supply the blood to the heart muscle getting blocked. 1
29. A hormone, progestogen, is injected into a muscle, and is released very slowly into the body. 1
30. A hyperactive deep tendon reflex was noted, but there was neither muscle weakness nor hepatomegaly. 1




muscles (plural noun)

  - a band or bundle of fibrous tissue in a human or animal body that has the ability to contract, producing movement in or maintaining the position of parts of the body.

  - physical power; strength.


muscles (third person present) · muscled (past tense) · muscled (past participle) · muscling (present participle)

  - move (an object) in a particular direction by using one's physical strength.


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