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# Sentence Times
1. Aerocrete is one of the wall body materials for energy saving which po(?) many advantages for using in multistorey buildings in cold areas. 1
2. An iterative elastic-bar method for calculating the foundation internal stresses of multistorey and highrise frame structures is presented in this paper. 1
3. At night it could be a lonely spot, with not much more than a multistorey car park on one side, Castle Rock and a cemetery on the other. 1
4. At the same time, the whole stability is good and construction process is simple. The structure is applicable to multistorey civil engineering. 1
5. Based on the investigation of typical multistorey and high-rise residential buildings in Xi"an and Baotou, a great quantity of residential floor live load data are gathered." 1
6. Based on the theoretical studies of structural control, it is proposed that thermal-insulating roof of multistorey construction building be used as TMD system to reduce seismic response. 1
7. FEM for analysis of the structures of multistorey and tall building with shear blocks dowelled bidirectional hollow plates (SBDBHPs) is discussed. 1
8. FEM for analysis of the structures of multistorey and tall building with shear blocks dowelled bidirectional hollow plates is discussed. 1
9. Following the reform and the opening to the outside world, a lot of industrial multistorey standardplant buildings was prevailing in our harbor cities and special economical regions. 1
10. In the upper Baskan accommodation is in multistorey hotels lively with the comings and goings of mountaineers of all nationalities. 1
11. In this paper, the application of laser techniques to observing tilting deformation of multistorey buildings and chimneys is presented. 1
12. In this paper, the damper control is applied to the horizontal seismic responses of multistorey buildings, and the theoretical analysis and experimental research are performed. 1
13. My car is on the third floor of a multistorey car park. 1
14. Our car is on the second floor of a multistorey car park. 1
15. Taking jet powder piles as a foundation of a multistorey building resting on a marine chokedarea should meet theoretically a demand of engineering design. 1
16. The calculation method of multistorey multispan partially prestressed frame with the method of the degree of prestress and equivalent load is introduced in this paper. 1
17. The damping principle of high rise multistorey buildings equipped with suspension-mass pendulums was discussed and their damping performance was investigated. 1
18. The effect of transfer girder on the structural behaviour of multistorey Laminated Truss type Frame (MLTF) in high-rise building is analyzed. 1
19. Then combined with traditional model experiment theory two check model experiments were done on a multistorey frame, and the results of the two experiments were highly consistent. 1
20. This paper gives the reasons why cracks are formed in the walls of multistorey buildings with blocks of red sandstone as building material and also gives preventive measures against the cracks. 1
21. This paper presents a method calculating the earthquake resistant reliability of deformation capacity for multistorey yielding frames based on the bar-storey model. 1
22. This paper pressets the reinforced concrete open-web sandwich plate and the fishy bone open-web sandwich plate in the floor structure system in multistorey and tall buildings. 1

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