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# Sentence Times
1. And multinationals must conform to national laws and regulations on additives, flavourings, colourings and artificial low-calorie sweeteners. 1
2. Benchmarking the Chinese Corporate Law Department Against Law Departments of Foreign multinationals. 1
3. Brazilian and Russian multinationals are also starting to make their mark. 1
4. But none of these explanations can elide the fact that as multinationals increasingly look to the Chinese domestic market for growth, they are competing with Chinese companies. 1
5. But the process is widely regarded by multinationals as a fairly weird kickback. 1
6. But when there are advantages from vertical integration, as in aluminium, the multinationals can defeat government policy. 1
7. Developments at several major U. S. multinationals underscored the continuing export surge. 1
8. English-speakers may laugh at firms with names such as Koc and Arcelik, but Turkish multinationals like Enka construction, Turkcell, Calik Holding and, yes, Koc are growing fast. 1
9. Evans concluded that in some developing countries, the foreign multinationals might be a help and not a hindrance to the state. 1
10. Founded in 1997, 800 TeleServices are a leading provider of outsourcing customer contact services and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to multinationals and industrial leaders. 1
11. How the new multinationals are remaking the old. 1
12. Hundreds of small companies have been swallowed up by these huge multinationals. 1
13. In attempting to halt the worst offences of multinationals, many proposed alternatives have focused on the protection of basic rights. 1
14. In some ways, it is a strange time for multinationals to go sour on China. 1
15. It aids the advent of multinationals, which hampers the development of local businesses.This website 1
16. It is, for instance, behind Citigroup in cash management and other "transaction services" for multinationals—a boring but lucrative business. 0
17. Local private firms had built up a skilled work force that eventually drew in foreign multinationals on terms acceptable to the government. 1
18. More recently, multinationals and foreign capital, with all their implications, have made vertical upward mobility difficult. 1
19. Only where the multinationals' power has been harnessed have substantial gains in income-elastic goods been achieved. 0
20. Small local businesses have been crowded out by large multinationals. 1
21. The big multinationals moved in and started pushing up prices. 1
22. The central element of this redefinition has been the demand for national control of natural resources – which has produced major conflicts with multinationals. 1
23. The circuitry is currently under evaluation by a number of multinationals. 1
24. The country's industry is largely controlled by the multinationals. 1
25. The elite - bureaucrats as well as politicians - needed, it was asserted, alliances with local business and foreign multinationals. 1
26. The multinationals have led this globalisation of CSR, but the basic principles are now being adopted indigenously in most regions. 1
27. The multinationals that stand to benefit were deeply involved in the negotiations to establish Gats. 1
28. The smaller states' efforts to exercise their collective bargaining power against multinationals have failed. 1
29. These local companies are only small fry compared with the huge multinationals. 1
30. Up till now, Hangzhou has established direct trade relationship with 173 countries and areas in the world. 39 multinationals among the World Top 500 have their China local companies in Hangzhou. 1

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