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# Sentence Times
1. “He smelled the air and is making a move,” says one demographer. 1
2. “The U.S., now at the highest levels, is trying to get these done and finish these up so we can move on to the next steps” toward the goal of ultimately eliminating nuclear weapons, Burk said. 1
3. ( -- For more than 40 years, scientists have been using the radiation pressure of light to move and manipulate small objects in space. 1
4. ' Pastime ,'said madame , still looking at him with a smile, while her fingers moved nimbly. 1
5. ''I think with the unusual movement of the being and the poltergeist experiences there is too much additional information to say that is something in nothing. 1
6. 'Come on, sir, move on,' said the policeman. 1
7. 'Come on,' Sue said. No one moved. 1
8. 'Don't move me,' he groaned. 1
9. 'In a way, this movement is not bound to any central location, ' said Andrew Carbone, a 26-year-old freelance media coordinator who lives in Brooklyn. 1
10. 'One false move and you're a dead man,' snarled the robber. 1
11. 'One false move and you're dead!' he said, pointing a gun at me. 1
12. 'S Reign of Fire saw him move from inflammatory hard dancehall towards gruff, judgemental roots music. 1
13. 'Solidarity' was born as a protest movement, not a political party. 1
14. 'Watch out!' she shouted, as the car started to move. 1
15. 'What does Naomi think about the move?' 'She's all for it.' 1
16. " Aesop, move right, " Colvin says, and the robot obeys. 1
17. " Einstein, "according to study molecular motion of suspended particles in the liquid static movement" in the text, to explain Atomism " Brownian motion. 1
18. " Get a move on,'said Mor, " we haven't got all day. " 1
19. " Let's get a move on and decide on a course of action! 1
20. "2009 will be characterised by bad and doubtful debts on the business side of things. 2010 will begin to move into the consumer side as unemployment begins to peak," he added. 1
21. "A lot of the euro zone moves we have had, you would hardly be saying they were ahead of the game," said Marc Ostwald, fixed income strategist at Monument Securities. 1
22. "An immigrant family had moved into a manufactured home without heat, power, and plumbing, and was using candles for light, " he says. 1
23. "And the polls differ on how questions are asked, but certainly all the polls have moved to much more skepticism about the cost and about worries about the government role, " he said. 1
24. "As long as interest rate differentials continue to move sideways, to even move to the benefit of the dollar, that could help support the dollar," said Upadhyaya. 2
25. "As the river stage falls and protection diminishes," says Lane, "it becomes a question of how best to distribute this freshwater resource to defend the coast from the movement of oil onshore." 1
26. "Aunt, look, my mum asked me send you. " The little boy moved his hands forward and held up highly two thick candles, seeming to perform a conjuring trick. 1
27. "Banks across Europe are well endowed with sovereign debt, all of which now look very dangerous considering how fast spreads have moved," said Geoffrey Yu, an FX strategist at UBS. 1
28. "Basically, what you watch for is — at the edge of the tree line, you watch for movement," Marcy says. 1
29. "bubble" formed by RNA polymerase move in 10s? 1
30. "Get down and don't move,'' the man roared at her. 1

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