Motley Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use motley, so you can learn how to use motley in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word motley here, and see the words sound like or similar to motley

# Sentence Times
1. "Campus " inside the student is depended on fictitious and reincarnate can fly at will, commutation bodily form, make the fabric that can float in aerial bizarre and motley. 1
2. A group appear from the house, a motley collection like a troupe of clowns. 1
3. A middle-aged couple got out and began to unload a motley collection of boxes and bags. 1
4. A motley assortment of zealots and the common folk of Europe, travelling to the Holy Land. 1
5. A motley bunch of students, ex-convicts and unemployed artists worked together to repair the building. 1
6. A motley collection of ornaments jostled for space on the crowded shelf. 1
7. A motley collection of tawdry items was scattered over an area at least four feet square. 1
8. A motley crew for the most part, with the reputation of being beer-swilling, womanising chauvinists. 1
9. A strange and motley set they were, these friends of the Chevalier. 1
10. All had several days' growth of beard and were dressed in a motley collection of civilian clothing. 1
11. Berkshire Hathaway, American Express, and Coca-Cola are motley Fool Inside Value recommendations. 1
12. Coca-Cola is a motley Fool Income Investor pick. 1
13. Decide what you can spend while at work during the week and put that amount into an envelope, said Dayana Yochim, a personal finance expert with the motley Fool, the financial advice Web site. 1
14. Ford Motor is a motley Fool Stock Advisor choice. 1
15. Gaz slowly gathers a motley group of losers. 1
16. Haldon donned a hooded cloak, and Tyrion shed his homemade motley for something drab and grey. 1
17. He arrives in the town of the motley Cow, and announces that the overman must be the meaning of the earth. 1
18. He got on stage at his party with a black Strat and a motley rock crew called Miss World. 1
19. His friends are rather a motley crew. 1
20. His friends were a motley crew. 1
21. His interpretations on history are far less strained than those of motley. 1
22. His pockets contained a motley collection of coins, movie ticket stubs, and old candies. 1
23. I looked at the motley bunch we were sailing with and began to feel uneasy about the trip. 1
24. If so, is what you have put together really just a motley collection with a messy clash of styles and materials? 1
25. In the soap factory, pineapple canning factory, anywhere she could earn quick motley. 1
26. Intel and Microsoft are motley Fool Inside Value recommendations. 1
27. It was a motley but highly motivated crew, and in a poll with just 32 % turnout that did the trick. 1
28. It was all so ridiculous, he thought, allowing himself to get involved with these motley characters. 1
29. One seemed to be humans dressed in black, the other was a motley group of exters. 1
30. Organizations are creating teams to marshal the resources of this diverse, sometimes motley workforce. 1






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