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# Sentence Times
1. "We need a moratorium on coal now, " he added, "with phase-out of existing plants over the next two decades." 1
2. A moratorium would at least buy time to look a bit harder for those fragile peaks. 1
3. A second option would impose the moratorium throughout the whole city for the same time period. 1
4. American officials point out that the moratorium as it stands now has no teeth and that moral suasion hasn't stopped whaling nations from hunting in greater and greater numbers. 1
5. And he will maintain the three-year moratorium on the interest that farmers pay on loans. 1
6. Any further watering down of that moratorium resolution will really result in an absolutely non-committal and non-productive sort of settlement. 1
7. At present there is a moratorium on the construction of nuclear plants, and the plans would need parliamentary approval. 1
8. But he breaks with conservative Republicans who call for a moratorium on legal immigration. 1
9. But his environment colleague, Finnin Aerts, wants a moratorium on further nuclear plants. 1
10. But then congress intervened by imposing a two year moratorium on all dumping. 1
11. By 1986, the Commission had passed a moratorium on commercial whaling. 1
12. Citing fears about safety, India's environment minister announced a moratorium on the commercial cultivation of what would have been India's first genetically modified crop Bt Brinjal, or aubergine. 1
13. Each side accused the other of renewing the fighting and of breaking the air moratorium. 1
14. Finally, he pro-posed a moratorium on nuclear weapons testing. 1
15. George Ryan, a Republican, has imposed a moratorium on executions. 1
16. He also asked for a voluntary moratorium on embryo research that is privately funded. 1
17. He promised a moratorium on pit closures if Labour won. 1
18. He suggested a three-month moratorium on politics while the administration and Congress work at reaching agreements on a number of pending issues. 1
19. He was furious with Khrushchev for breaking the moratorium, but he refused to be stampeded into a new series of tests. 1
20. However, since Stamp Duty has already been removed from share dealing, why has he set a moratorium on house purchase? 1
21. I believe it's a Republican governor who's imposed a moratorium on the death penalty in Illinois. 1
22. In 1972, the Legislature, under pressure from anti-hunting groups and other wildlife associations, imposed a moratorium on hunting lions. 1
23. In 1975, New York state moratorium on debt unless its holders agreed to a restructuring. 1
24. In 1992, Mr Mitterrand imposed a moratorium on the explosions and urged other nuclear powers to follow suit. 1
25. In furtherance of this objective we ask you to announce immediately Britain's own temporary moratorium on all nuclear testing. 1
26. Instead, it will propose a long term moratorium on mineral activities. 1
27. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar unveiled the new six-month moratorium, worded differently from an earlier drilling ban after a U.S. appeals court struck down the original moratorium last week. 2
28. It followed a stormy and agonized debate, but Landsbergis's stated support for the moratorium appeared to have swayed many deputies. 1
29. Jean Ziegler, the UN's independent expert on the right to food, calls the growing use of crops to replace petrol as a crime against humanity and wants a five-year moratorium on biofuel production. 1
30. Lacklustre performance failed to convince many to stay once the moratorium expired, however, prompting RAB to review its business and move to delist – a move formally announced last Friday. 1

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