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# Sentence Times
1. A 3,000 house development has been mooted for the disused airfield. 1
2. A new approach was being mooted in the heaving undergrowth of ultra-left literature. 1
3. All questions of procedure and rules shall be regulated in accordance with the provisions of the Official Rules of the 2010 Philip C. Jessup International Law moot Court Competition. 1
4. Alternatively, cross-licensing agreements might be negotiated -- or the whole question could be rendered moot by further innovations, attorneys say. 1
5. And my legal training enables me to participate in the law school community by judging moot court competitions—a good way to build relationships. 1
6. As Jubilee 2000 draws to a close next month, climate change has been mooted as a possible successor issue. 1
7. As the evening wore on, however, the question became moot. 1
8. But it became a moot issue when prosecutors announced Monday their decision not to refile. 1
9. But it is a moot question who exactly is subsidising whom. 1
10. By the time the order took effect, however, the issue had already become moot. 1
11. Case teaching method, moot court method and clinic method have turned out to be effective, which can be used according to the actual situation. 1
12. Compared to the other romantic composers in 19th century, Felix Mendelssohn -Bartholdy is one of the moot important. 1
13. Doing that seems to imply that the much mooted conflict between conservation and agriculture is more imaginary than real. 1
14. Down in the Mootwalk a woman laughed and from the water a swan gave its harsh, grating cry. 0
15. Elsewhere, a figure of 30,000 returning Palestinians has been informally mooted. 1
16. Enhancing students'ability, standardizing and improving moot court teaching are issues currently confronted by law colleges and universities. 1
17. Even if Proposition 559 passes, it will become moot if the Supreme Court says it's unconstitutional. 1
18. Even though the authorized user hack has been made moot, you can still have the no credit history person co-sign a loan with a good credit history person. 1
19. Further questions about the rights of paedophiles, transsexuals and bisexuals in relation to the centre were mooted, but full-scale debates never materialized. 1
20. He argued that the issue had become moot since the board had changed its policy. 1
21. He organized the weekly moot. 1
22. He was also the president of the local chapter of the National Honor Society, the member of moot Court Club, and a player in the Lacrosse Team. 1
23. His name was mooted as a possible successor. 1
24. How long he'll be able to do so is a moot point. 1
25. How much longer it will remain within Dr Friis - Christensen's purview , though, is moot. 1
26. I mean, as long as I don't fuck up moot Court, I think the job's mine. 1
27. I was away in Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province last week judging the 9th China Jessup moot Court Competition. 1
28. If the librarian hated everything about law school, then watching moot court or on-campus interviewing could evoke such painful memories that job satisfaction goes down. 1
29. If you've been fired because of some horrible offense, this may be a moot point. 1
30. It a moot point how far this is rooted in fundamentals. 1

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