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# Sentence Times
1. A careful distinction was drawn between bigness and monopoly. 1
2. A firm's monopoly power is determined by the firm's elasticity of demand. 1
3. A good education should not be the monopoly of the rich. 1
4. A government that imposes a central bank monopoly, for example, can reduce the incremental value of credit. 1
5. A great part of state-owned enterprises' profit is from monopoly in essential, and the undistributed profit is free cash flow which is controlled by managers. 1
6. A natural target, then: a nationwide monopoly, compelling the public to buy from a single supplier. 1
7. A port operator shall not make a monopoly of the operation or conduct illegitimate competition and shall not by any means compel another person to accept the port services he provides. 1
8. A posting on the Alliance's website claims that the agreement would create a monopoly in digital books that would inevitably lead to fewer choices and higher prices for consumers. 1
9. A public corporation managing a monopoly might do so in a sectional interest. 1
10. A simple example of a monopoly airline is shown in figure 3.2, in which constant average costs are assumed for simplicity. 1
11. A university education shouldn't be the monopoly of the minority whose parents are rich. 1
12. A visit to a stately home and certainly a game of monopoly could not be pure fun, divorced from politics. 1
13. Abbas reiterated his declaration from the 2003 Aqaba Summit about the need for the PA to have a monopoly on armed force within its territory. 1
14. Above all, the United States had a monopoly on the atomic bomb. 1
15. Administrative monopoly widely exists in the developing countries experiencing establishment of the market economy , so does our nation China ineluctably during the mode-change period . 1
16. Aethelbald's accession broke the monopoly of royal power in Mercia by Penda and his descendants which had lasted over seventy years. 1
17. Aethelbald's accession broke the monopoly of royal power in Mercia by Penda and his descendants which had lasted over seventy years.This website 1
18. After entering WTO, State Tobacco monopoly Bureau merged and recombined the national tobacco industry. Tobacco enterprises are facing an unprecedented survival and development challenge. 1
19. All the artificial constraints of maintaining a regulated monopoly mean that it is not in the best interests of the consumer. 1
20. Also, hundreds of mineral titles for a diverse range of mineral commodities, hitherto held by the government monopoly Mining Corp, will be put up for public auction during the course of 2006. 1
21. Although technical monopoly may be a rarity, as already noted markets are commonly dominated by a small number of large producers. 1
22. An important proposal was that the government should have an antitrust policy to curb monopoly power in business. 1
23. An Intel like monopoly in chips also seems implausible. 1
24. And in Latin America Pentecostalism has shattered the Roman Catholic Church's monopoly. 1
25. And it would be foolish to imagine that the Western democracies have a monopoly of the relevant experience in that respect. 1
26. And since the monopoly of technology in aerospace field, to develop and research the special numerical control winding machine ourselves has very important meanings. 1
27. And the home use energy conservation fuel gas stove has obtained the country technical monopoly. 1
28. And the Western imperialist powers at this moment had already begun transition from non-monopoly capitalism to monopoly capitalism, namely, imperialism. 1
29. And this enables monopoly to play a different role in socialist economy and capitalist economy respectively. 1
30. Another influential book of the seventies, Braverman's Labour and monopoly Capital, proved gender-blind. 1




monopolies (plural noun)

  - the exclusive possession or control of the supply of or trade in a commodity or service.


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