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# Sentence Times
1. .. are usually used. They are: Hierarchical model, Network model, Relational model. 3
2. 'My husband said there's a quite popular business model in the U.K. called a co-op, ' Ms. Mao said, 'so we figured, why not try and work with other homemade food businesses?' 1
3. 'Zero Impedance Branch' model based on the character of PDN structure is introduced, then the ER model of PDMS AM/FM/GIS has been built, and the designing procedure is briefly described. 2
4. " In the late 1940s Fred Hoyle was on a radio show to talk about the Steady State model, and referred to the expanding universe model as "the big bang idea. 2
5. "By the end of this year we will see the first few models on honest-to-goodness American driveways and roadways, " says Bradley Berman, editor of 1
6. "Calculable" means that the object can set up a mathematics model and be calculated depending on the existing calculating capability. 1
7. "China is made " transition " have a brand oneself " it is our country economy from exit model turn to need upcountry model the actualest outlet. 2
8. "Google has a completely different world model, " he said. "The Apple view is coherently closed. 1
9. "It feels incredibly good for a long period of uncertainty to come to an end, " Muller said. "We can pay our debts, start production, launch new models and expand operations to China. 1
10. "nomadism" model---the interaction between nomads and environments is displayed. 0
11. "Object state diagram" is to describe dynamic characteristics of object and based on it, The dynamic function control model for concurrent design can be built. 1
12. "Only because I'm just getting over stomach flu," he said, handing me my vodka. "Actually, I've modelled my looks on Michelangelo's 'David.' " 1
13. "Slack Winter Learning"can be defined as an education model, which was carried out in slack time of winter and aimed to organize rural people to learn. 1
14. "The artists used a poem Akhenaton wrote to god saying 'you are the man ... you are the woman' as a model for depicting fertility and the source of life, " Hawass said. 1
15. "The attractive feature of this model is it seems to be a single calculation that can get the gas all the way in," says Scott Tremaine of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. 1
16. "The beauty of predictive modeling is that it translates across disciplines," says Robert Morris, IBM's vice president of service research in Armonk, N.Y. 1
17. "The complexity of managing your computer is torturing users," Google cofounder Sergey Brin told reporters. "It's a flawed model fundamentally. 1
18. "The models only showed similar patterns of synchronisation to the brain when they were in the critical state, " says Bullmore. 1
19. "The stupefying losses in mortgage-related securities came in large part because of flawed, history-based models used by salesmen, rating agencies and investors, " he wrote. 1
20. "This is my security blanket, " Jackson said, holding tightly to the 1-foot-tall model. "I wanted to make 'Kong' ever since I was 9 years old. " 1
21. "This was not something that our conventional models could make sense of," says Andrew Haldane, executive director of financial stability at the Bank of England. 1
22. "Transitory Objects" includes two elegant models from Alisa Andrasek that are part of a design project called "Mesonic Emission, " a reference to mesons, subatomic particles composed of quarks. 1
23. "We don't know how much dark matter is outside of what we're measuring," says galaxy modeller Christopher Mihos of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. 1
24. "We found that aerosols actually have twice the cooling effect we thought, " said Nicolas Bellouin, a climate modeller at the Met Office. 1
25. "We know several mice as 'putative' models of autism, which show face validity that they are similar to human patients, " said Toru Takumi of Hiroshima University in Japan. 1
26. "You hear people complain about how good the standard model is, " said Michael Turner, a cosmologist at the University of Chicago. "It's an incomplete model, and yet we can't find flaws in it." 2
27. $100 will get you the basic model. 1
28. A : Check this out, man. It's a Jimi Hendrix model commemorative guitar - limited edition! 1
29. A : Very impressive , indeed , especially the speed of your NW model. 1
30. A "three-in-one" sign can be as the prospecting model for primary kimberlite. One aspect of the sign is anomalies of heavy placer minerals in which the pyrope with high Cr and low Ca occurs. 1




models (plural noun)

  - a three-dimensional representation of a person or thing or of a proposed structure, typically on a smaller scale than the original.

  - a system or thing used as an example to follow or imitate.

  - a simplified description, especially a mathematical one, of a system or process, to assist calculations and predictions.

  - a person employed to display clothes by wearing them.

  - a particular design or version of a product.


models (third person present) · modelled (past tense) · modelled (past participle) · modelling (present participle) · modeled (past tense) · modeled (past participle) · modeling (present participle)

  - fashion or shape (a three-dimensional figure or object) in a malleable material such as clay or wax.

  - devise a representation, especially a mathematical one, of (a phenomenon or system).

  - display (clothes) by wearing them.


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