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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use mixed, so you can learn how to use mixed in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word mixed here, and see the words sound like or similar to mixed

# Sentence Times
1. " Torn off, "leaf lard, " the outside by hand after the retina extrusion, rub it, and then little by little mixed with black sesame powder. 1
2. " Torn off, "leaf lard, " the outside by hand after the retina extrusion, rub it(sentencedict .com), and then little by little mixed with black sesame powder. 1
3. "By examining the genetics, we have shown conclusively that the Italian sparrow is of mixed origin - it is a hybrid of the house sparrow and the Spanish sparrow, " Dr Saetre told BBC Nature. 1
4. "Chicken Tender Salad" - Chicken Tenders atop mixed Greens, Avocado, Scallions, Tomato and shredded Cheddar, tossed in Peppercorn Ranch Dressing. 1
5. "If you do a Nexis search on her you will find it contains very mixed reports," says a transition staffer, alluding to race riots in Miami and close elections against weak opponents. 1
6. "Milpa Alta" opuntia , "Kyoho"grape fruits and Cabernet sauvignon claret were used as raw material to develop opuntia-grape compound health fruit cordial through mixed fermentation and blending. 1
7. "The new job has allowed her to spread her wings and really blossom, " is a mixed metaphor. 1
8. "They are taking a mixed strategy, which I would call the sweet and sour approach, " Peter Beck, research fellow at Stanford University and a specialist on Korean affairs, told Reuters. 1
9. A Celtic pantheon of gods whirled about my head, and I may have got them a bit mixed up here. 1
10. A changed situation may be welcomed as a release from such suffering, although not without mixed feelings. 1
11. A coatings containing polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE and polyimide (PI) as adhesive which were mixed with PTFE in a suitable solvent. 1
12. A complex nose predominated by jammy, black berried fruit mixed with fine, spicy notes. 1
13. A courteous and scholarly former finance minister who launched reforms in 1991 that unshackled India's mixed economy, he has been an effective envoy for India. 1
14. A gangling mixed breed of Labradors and mongrel hounds and terriers. 1
15. A geezer down in Catford once mixed smack with flour. 1
16. A global wiring refinement method based on mixed graph model is presented in this paper. 1
17. A graded-index (GI was mixed into polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA and the preparation technology was studied. 1
18. A graded-index (GI was mixed into polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), was prepared by interfacial-gel polymerization, and the preparation technology was studied. 1
19. A hardening agent mixed with the monomer will induce polymerization. 1
20. A kind of sealant with the mixed toughener of the condensation polymer of polyether-diepoxy- furaldehyde -cyclohexanone was studied. The sealant obtained low viscosity and high property. 1
21. A kind of silicified fossil wood with mixed pits on the radial tracheid wall is described. 1
22. A kind of technical process, by which cation modified asphalt emulsion was prepared with polymer added to cation serum and then mixed with 70 heavy asphalt was introduced. 1
23. A large gathering of monks being served tea mixed with yak butter. 6 PM, France. 1
24. A laughing vice sinks in the eardrum a faint temperature is mixed in the midwinter. 1
25. A lot of bad behaviour is attention-seeking on the part of mixed-up kids. 0
26. A lube oil base stock is the lube oil's main composition, into which additives are mixed to give the lubricant the properties required for a given application. 1
27. A material with plastic prestrain shows the property of strain hardening such as isotropic hardening, kinematic hardening or mixed hardening. 1
28. A method for the determination of triethylamine and xylidine in mixed amine by near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is presented. 1
29. A mixed - use land development model will focus on vibrancy and identity in layout and design. 1
30. A mixed artificial grassland of perennial ryegrass and white clover in the degradation succession process was analyzed on the basis of aboveground biomass, density, coverage and species diversity. 1

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