Misuse Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. " is often used instead of " drug abuse " to make clear substances such as alcohol tobacco can beads harmfully misused as heroin cocaine. 1
2. " is often used instead of "drug abuse" to make clear that substances such as alcohol and tobacco can be just as harmfully misused as heroin and cocaine. 1
3. "It could be a misuse of detergent, a door left open or - on the very rare side - a part failure, " she said. 1
4. "Marketing" is a widely misused word in the book business. 1
5. A committee headed by Representative John Quincy Adams reported that the President had misused the veto power, but the resolution failed. 1
6. A large number of risk events are caused by misuse failure. 1
7. A major concern is the potential for the misuse of misprostol in India, says Kamala Ganesh, former professor of gynaecology at the Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi. 1
8. A minimal requirement for outrage about the misuse of scholarship is to recognize different types of scholarship. 1
9. A number of public services and voluntary bodies are engaged in fighting drug misuse at local level. 1
10. A regular user with privileged access may sometimes violate the need and misuse the privileges as well. 1
11. A third way is to establish that the patent holder has misused the patent. 1
12. A worthy mentor will never misuse or abuse you sexually. 1
13. Again careful questioning about how the bell and pad is used will indicate any misuse. 1
14. Again the emphasis is on primary prevention of the misuse of drugs and on preventing young people from being drawn in. 1
15. Alcohol and drug misusers may fear approaching statutory agencies for help, especially if they are parents. 1
16. And nothing will turn a publisher off to your work faster than run-on sentences, sentence fragments, or a misused semi-colon. 1
17. And occasional surprise counts of the fund should be made to prevent careless handling, theft, and misuse of petty cash fund. 1
18. And what of all the clever and misused wizardry of modern finance? 1
19. Another 100, 000 premature deaths stem from the abuse and misuse of alcohol. 1
20. Another tell-tale sign of misused on-camera flash is the dark tunnel effect. 1
21. Are hazards inherent in the final product, and warnings against foreseeable misuse and abuse made known to the ultimate user? Yes NO. 1
22. Are hazards inherent in the final product, and warnings against foreseeable misuse and abuse made known to the ultimate user? Yes NO.Sentencedict 1
23. Are hazards inherent in the final product,(This website/final product.html) and warnings against foreseeable misuse and abuse made known to the ultimate user? Yes NO. 1
24. Article 15 Staff of departments of commercial administration committing an act of dereliction of duty or misuse of powers shall be imposed administrative disciplinary measures. 1
25. As a safeguard against misuse, memorize your PIN number immediately and destroy this advice slip. 1
26. As long as the attached file is dilivered, you are in full charge of its confidential content and any violation involving the misuse of it should be your responsibility. 1
27. Attention will be focused on young people who are not normally considered to be at risk in terms of drug misuse. 1
28. Because there is such a wide range of substances there are many ways they can be misused. 1
29. Bedworth, now 19, is facing charges under the Computer misuse Act, 1990. 1
30. Both U (universal film ratings proscribe "potentially dangerous behaviour which young children are likely to copy". This includes drug misuse but not cigarette smoking. 1

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