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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use missed, so you can learn how to use missed in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word missed here, and see the words sound like or similar to missed

# Sentence Times
1. - And sad, because he missed his heavenly kindred! 1
2. 'I missed you,' he said softly. 1
3. 'I've missed you,' he whispered in her ear . 1
4. 'Is Ann there?' 'You've just missed her .' 1
5. 'she never missed before,'says a knitting - woman of the sisterhood. 1
6. "Everybody missed her," Stan said with a hangdog look. 1
7. "I missed nonstandard English and a pride in being nonstandard, in being weird, " he writes, in a rare moment of self-revelation. It would have helped to have known this all along. 1
8. "It really is Rocky Mountain spotted fever, " said Sprague, "and I would have missed it if I hadn't listened to you." 1
9. "It seems they missed the mark here, lunette ray ban, " said Jon Morris, one of the co-authors. 1
10. "It was strange for me this week because this is the first double-header I have missed since I retired, " said Giggs. 1
11. "There is greater public interest in protecting private life -- and that interest must tolerate the occasional missed misdemeanour," said Whittle, a former BBC controller of editorial policy. 1
12. A bomb missed the Southampton by the breadth of the Admiral's Barge, and another showered the Edinburgh with shrapnel. 1
13. A chance was missed to redesign the tax system - by, for instance , including a new carbon tax. 1
14. A couple of missed chances in the first half cost them dear. 1
15. A fuller index and glossary are badly missed too. 1
16. A journey on one of the steam trains is certainly not to be missed! 0
17. A senior, Anchrum missed 33 games after reconstructive surgery on his right knee. 1
18. A shower of gravel barely missed me, hurled by naughty boys who played among the ruins, ambushing one another. 1
19. A shower of gravel barely missed me, hurled by naughty boys who played among the ruins(sentence dictionary), ambushing one another. 1
20. A sore ankle a ripped fingernail and plenty of missed shots. 1
21. A trail of missed connections and mislaid luggage follows these travelers. 1
22. A we missed the time, France. 1
23. A: Sorry , I missed you. Please leave a message after the beep. 1
24. According to the map we missed our turn back there. 1
25. Accordingly, "He basically is in the university in dawdle, muddleheaded , missed a lot of opportunities, turn for instance professional, double long " . 1
26. After Bryant's missed free throws, Derek Fisher missed another foul shot. 2
27. After Delk missed his free throw, Armstrong hit two free throws with 21 seconds left. 1
28. After Johnson restored Northern's lead midway through the half, Robson missed a chance to level the scores again. 1
29. After years of making on-time payments — even as their interest rate soared to over 12 percent — Davis says they just missed a payment for the first time. 1
30. Agfa-Gevaert NV tumbled 15 percent to 3.61 euros after Europe's largest maker of prepress products reported profit that missed analyst estimates as its specialty film business turned unprofitable. 1

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