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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use misquote, so you can learn how to use misquote in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word misquote here, and see the words sound like or similar to misquote

# Sentence Times
1. Alexis de Tocqueville, the great French chronicler of early America, was once misquoted as having said: "America is the best country in the world to be poor." 1
2. All through the interview I took careful notes so as not to misquote him. 1
3. Apple Computer can't even claim a misquote. 1
4. Biblical proverbs include " Money is the root of all evil " ( misquoted from I Tim . vi, 10 ). 1
5. Did the Wall Street Journal misquote him? 1
6. Did the Wall Street Journal misquote him? Please, please tell me the Wall Street Journal misquoted him. 2
7. Dr Hall said he had been misquoted in the press. 1
8. He claimed that he had been misquoted and he threatened to sue the magazine for libel. 1
9. He is frequently misquoted in the press. 1
10. Her promise was deliberately misquoted by her opponents, who then used it against her. 1
11. I never said that at all - the press misquoted me. 1
12. I suspect however that you have misquoted the number as the highest number I know is 57435. 1
13. In the end the situation was defused when Prost appeared in front of FISA and satisfied Mosley that he'd been misquoted. 1
14. Many lines from Shakespeare's plays are misquoted and misapplied. 1
15. The article apparently misquoted Indian glaciologist Syed Iqbal Hasnain. 1
16. The government speaker complained that the newspapers had misquoted him. 1
17. The minister complained that the newspapers had misquoted him. 1
18. The senator claims to have been misquoted in the article. 1
19. They can always misquote and change my words, but not my lyrics. 1
20. This misquote has been covered on this site before, but I wanted to include it just in case some people haven't seen it (it is a pet peeve of mine). 1
21. To misquote the great comic genius Spike Milligan: the last time I edited a book I swore I would never do another one. 1
22. You misquoted me/what I said. 1

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