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# Sentence Times
1. "I'm so unhappy, " sobbed Chris, miserably. 1
2. A handful of dramas make the grade but the sitcoms are failing miserably. 1
3. A tear trickled miserably down her cheek and she wiped it away with her fist. 1
4. After being counted one more time, still holding Elizabeth's hand I followed the crocodile miserably through darkened rooms. 1
5. All my attempts to get the machine working failed miserably. 1
6. Alone and sleepless, she stared miserably up at the ceiling. 1
7. As an action hero, Fletcher fails miserably in this endeavor. 1
8. At times they all had failed, and sometimes quite miserably. 1
9. Attempts to create vehicles of left-wing opinion have not succeeded; both the News-on-Sunday and the East End News failed miserably. 1
10. But back home his colleagues at Eaton Park failed miserably. 1
11. But he failed miserably in getting lawmakers to pass offsetting spending cuts, aggravating two decades of deficits. 1
12. But what else could she possibly hope to see? she wondered miserably. 1
13. But, this golden hill is defeated very miserably, almost play away all family belongs. 1
14. Capitalists have failed miserably in this task in the past five years. 1
15. Chen shouted miserably and was bleeding nonstop. Wang was shocked by her own deed and dropped the knife on the ground, sitting there soullessly. 1
16. Dad and I rattled around miserably in the house after Mum died. 1
17. Enclothe a face miserably no matter China, comparative inside limits of alive still bound big. 1
18. For instance, there is no more depressing sight than horses and ponies standing miserably in a muddy field. 1
19. Fuld was supposed to have a war room started in March, when Bear Stearns nearly collapsed, to solve these problems, and at this point he has failed miserably. 1
20. He failed miserably as an actor. 1
21. He had failed miserably in an attempt to persuade a Goan shopkeeper to buy a shipment of canned milk. 1
22. He had tried farming and publishing and failed miserably at both. 1
23. He held one paw forward in an awkward, unnatural way and kept licking it miserably. 1
24. He looked miserably down at his plate. 1
25. He nodded miserably and headed north. 1
26. He trudged off miserably down jubilee Road with the cold rain dripping from his ear lobes. 1
27. He was really affected most miserably of all by this desertion. 1
28. He who wished to avenge injuries by hating in return does indeed live miserably. 1
29. How fast news travels on criminal grapevines, I thought miserably. 1
30. I failed miserably in my duty to protect her. 1


[ˈmizərblē, ˈmiz(ə)rəblē]


  - in a wretchedly unhappy manner.

  - in a pitiable or contemptible manner; terribly.


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