Miserable Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. " What should ail me to harm this misbegotten and miserable babe? 1
2. A bachelor's life is a fine breakfast, a flat lunch, and a miserable dinner. Francis Bacon  1
3. A business trip to the miserable lowlands of Scotland leads to Scottish millionaire Colin (Kevin McKidd) whisking Hannah away. 1
4. A craft which had once been profitably combined with farming became a miserable cottage industry dependent upon the towns and the bag-hosiers. 1
5. A miserable job, Lunette Ray Ban, about, has some accepted ancestry. 1
6. A miserable job, Lunette Ray Ban, about,(This website/lunette.html) has some accepted ancestry. 1
7. A really bad cold pulls you down and leaves you feeling very miserable. 1
8. A selfish person can make your life miserable. 1
9. A warm and sunny September made up for a miserable wet August. 1
10. A week before I was there, storms lashed the coastline - diving would have been miserable, even if possible. 1
11. Again, I was moved that he should have perceived how miserable an exile to the Persian Gulf would have been. 1
12. Agriculture is crippled, too, by the miserable conditions on the collective farms. 1
13. Alexander is in a miserable plight. 1
14. All in all, it had been one of the most miserable days of Henry's life. 1
15. All of them converged with one common purpose: Make life miserable for quarterback Jeff Hostetler. 1
16. All that work for this miserable paycheck! 1
17. All the staff seemed to look miserable and the atmosphere was not at all pleasant. 1
18. Although the signs changed, but still dilapidated village, scene miserable. 1
19. An Englishman is never happy but when he is miserable, a Scotchman never at home but when he is abroad, and an Irishman never at peace but when he is fighting. 1
20. And full-back Robert Turner had a miserable day with his kicking, landing only two goals from seven shots. 1
21. And Nat was like a running sore, crabby, miserable. 1
22. And so miserable that she felt she would never drag herself out of this pit of misery. 1
23. And that he knew it was a Fiend, This miserable Knight! 1
24. And the work class gets wages, man-hour length and the cruel exploitation of capitalist to low, life is very poor, their miserable condition makes one startling. 1
25. And they are taught about Britain's unfailingly miserable climate. 1
26. And those a few old cormorant are miserable, eat those who live is further than newcome cormorant difference. 1
27. And those planning day trips at home face four miserable wet or windy days. 1
28. As one nubile contestant on a dating show put it, "I'd rather be miserable sitting in a BMW than be happy riding a bicycle." 1
29. At Forty-second Street stand the twin apartment towers of Manhattan Plaza, grim reminders of two more miserable affairs. 1
30. Battery chickens have miserable lives. 1

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