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# Sentence Times
1. "Color Yunnan" as a minority element in large-scale 3D TV animation, won the "2010 China top ten most animated image of the industry value award", "Chinese animation Annual Special Jury Award. 1
2. "It doesn't take a majority toprevail, " Rand Paul said in his speech that day, quoting Sam Adams."It takes an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of themind. 1
3. "Peter's nomination to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors continues to be held up by a partisan minority in the Senate," White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said. 1
4. "Shenouda is the enemy of God, " they yelled, referring to Pope Shenouda III, the head of the Coptic Church, Egypt's largest religious minority. 1
5. A blonde Tory had stripped and received a standing ovation from a minority of her audience. 1
6. A boundary extension would require new electoral boundaries and these could not easily be adjusted soas to retain Unionist minority control. 1
7. A capital increase using ordinary shares would have endangered Lower Saxony's voting stake, which gives it a blocking minority on important company decisions. 1
8. A drive to attract more ethnic minority students to Longlands College, Middlesbrough, is showing good results. 1
9. A family systems approach to work with minority groups must take account of all these factors. 1
10. A feasible way is developing tourism estate of minority headman culture. It will produce important action to developing social economy of the Three Gorges of Yangtze River. 1
11. A French government minister has called for the burka, the head-to-toe garment worn by a minority of Muslim women in France, to be banned. 1
12. A large minority favors formal separation. 1
13. A large minority of bishops at a 1980 synod on the family, meanwhile, asked that the encyclical be reconsidered. 1
14. A lot of national parks lie in the areas inhabited by minority nationality people. 1
15. A minority administration should face little difficulty winning Liberal Democrat support for similar objectives. 1
16. A minority because of Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection by wearing a swimsuit or through contamination of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in the bathtub, sitting toilet, and other indirect transmission. 1
17. A minority of children are sexually active before they are in their teens. 1
18. A minority of officers were prepared to bend the rules. 1
19. A minority of retroperitoneal liposarcomas may, either at the time of initial diagnosis or at the time of local recurrence, contain nodule(s) of non- lipogenic sarcomatous elements. 1
20. A minority of students took a more thoughtful view of modern physics however. 1
21. A minority or Liberals attacked the principle of state welfare, arguing that the state should rather encourage self-help and philanthropy. 1
22. A minority which disagreed split off. 1
23. A minority-owned bank had agreed to the arrangements and several nonprofit housing sponsors were lined up to participate in the program. 0
24. A part disposal is occurring here - the effect is to increase the stake of the minority shareholders from 20% to 45%. 1
25. A purchaser of shares may need to resort to petitioning the court to buy out minority shareholders. 1
26. A recent workshop explored black and minority ethnic groups' involvement with the charity. 1
27. A Saudi Arabian official says about 1,000 Saudi troops have entered the neighboring island state of Bahrain to help its minority Sunni rulers boost security after weeks of anti-government protests. 1
28. A sizeable minority said hardship was forcing them to give up education. 1
29. A small but destructive minority has turned from religious zeal to crime, or to insurrection against its own governments. 1
30. A small minority drop showers of recoverable meteorites on the ground, but most are utterly disrupted in their final explosion. 1

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