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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use milieu, so you can learn how to use milieu in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word milieu here, and see the words sound like or similar to milieu

# Sentence Times
1. Ainsi passaIt'sa vie au milieu de nos heures. 1
2. Also, Tish often felt intimidated in the social milieu that she found herself thrust into at such a young age. 1
3. Although I had thrived in the investigative environment of the NLRB, I did not know quite what to expect in a scientific research milieu. 1
4. And completed the acculturation of the female and social sex in this kind of social milieu. 1
5. And in fact, the isolation and weakness of the radical milieu put a premium upon commitment to an unqualified Utopia. 1
6. As there is a disturbance in the steroid milieu in PCOS women, we also assessed the effects of testosterone and oestradiol on adiponectin receptors using adipocytes and adipocyte explants. 1
7. But the Egypt in which he had grown up, the milieu of the country's multi-ethnic urban elite, was fast disappearing; the summer of 1959 was the last Moreno would see of it. 1
8. But there were others too, some drawn from that old left milieu regarded with suspicion by Miles. 1
9. Coming from another milieu , she found life as an actor's wife very strange at first. 1
10. Constructing harmonious healthy family social milieu to establish good education environment. 1
11. Dialogue springs with life from the page, and the social and political milieu of a vanished age is brilliantly realised. 1
12. Did anybody in my milieu have any understanding of racial justice, of the need for black power? 1
13. Except in Finland, each program developed a special therapeutic milieu as an alternative to acute hospitalization. 1
14. Fine French Louis XV style gilt bronze mounted marquetry, rosewood and tulipwood table de milieu. 1
15. Foods usually provide a good milieu for the persistence of viruses. 1
16. Gregory came from the same aristocratic milieu as Sidonius and his followers. 1
17. Gregory came from the same aristocratic milieu as Sidonius and his followers. This website 1
18. He examines why certain individuals can not easily accept the ways of thinking and behaving that their social milieu thrusts upon them. 1
19. He was born in a social milieu where further education was a luxury. 1
20. His natural milieu is that of the arts. 1
21. I personally was never interested in raising a family, but it would be utterly impossible in such a milieu. 1
22. IMPLICATIONS: A combination of unusual environmental factors may have altered the intracellular skeletal muscle milieu to induce or exacerbate a malignant hyperthermia -like response in this patient. 1
23. In our patient, these factors were combined with another possible trigger - an insect bite, generating an inflammatory milieu from which MCC could have derived. 1
24. In such cases, neighbourhood rather than milieu may have brought people together. 1
25. Into this milieu comes now the neural network approach to artificial intelligence, where learning is built into every system. 1
26. It is a milieu of distant anthems and religious iconography. 1
27. It is a study of the social and cultural milieu in which Michelangelo lived and worked. 1
28. It is only romantic reverie that cannot thrive in a milieu of sober criticism. 1
29. It is unusual to consider them in conjunction with the ostensibly different milieux and traditions of broadcasting. 1
30. It was into this lawless milieu that Devi was born, the second daughter of a low-caste illiterate farmer. 1

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