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# Sentence Times
1. 'I didn't mean to upset you' he said mildly. 1
2. 'Of course I don't mind,' she answered mildly. 1
3. 'They got me a long time ago,'said O'Brien with a mild, almost regretful irony. 1
4. "Damn" is now only a mild swear word. 1
5. "Even if we only get a mild recovery that would lead to higher meat consumption," said Alex Allen, CIO at Eddington Asset Management. "Cotton ... just some growth should lead to higher cotton prices." 1
6. "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe recently revealed that he suffers from a mild case of dyspraxia and sometimes has trouble tying his shoes or writing a thank you note. 1
7. "He's a mild inoffensive man isn't he? — Oh you've gotta be kidding." 1
8. "I think you've made a mistake, " he said mildly. 1
9. "I'm not meddling," Kenworthy said mildly, "I'm just curious.". 1
10. "It has a richer flavor and it's milder and sweeter than beef," says Ellensburg beefalo breeder Mark Merril, "and more juicy." 1
11. "Perhaps," she answered mildly. 1
12. "We now need to do further studies to test the reliability of this finding, and to see the extent to which the reduced androgens do help women with mild hirsutism , " says Professor Tamer. 1
13. "When colds are circulating, many people are mildly infected but show no symptoms, " said Professor Eccles , whose findings are published in today's issue of Family Practice magazine. 1
14. "When colds are circulating, many people are mildly infected but show no symptoms, " said Professor Eccles (This website ), whose findings are published in today's issue of Family Practice magazine. 1
15. A 27-year-old female presented with several annular plaques on the upper back for one month. Other dermatologic findings revealed erythematous plaques with mild scaling on the scalp. 1
16. A busy group of sand wasps decided to build a nest in our cabana, and I watched with mild interest until they started defending their new home. 1
17. A centrilobular pattern of nodules is visible, associated with bronchial wall thickening, and mild bronchiectasis. Tree in bud is visible in many locations. 1
18. A characteristic English Mixture, developed from mellow Georgian Virginias, Black Cavendish, Mexican Burley 's and Cyprian Latakia, a classic. mild to medium strength. 1
19. A cleanser can be anything from mild soap, a gentle exfoliate , cleansing cream or foaming cleanser. 1
20. A computer control system for research is designed in this paper considering the weld penetration control on mild steel in TIG welding with electro eddy sensor. 1
21. A equation for forecasting how serious powdery mildew of winter wheat is obtained with multiple correlation analysis and its historical fitting probability is 91.7%. 1
22. A fetid odor seeps from the walls, the odor of a mildewed mattress. 1
23. A few studies have suggested that some short sleepers may have hypomania, a mild form of mania with racing thoughts and few inhibitions. 1
24. A gastroenterologist places a flexible endoscope down the throat of a mildly sedated patient. 1
25. A leather mildew preventive with nuclear-sheel structure was prepared by complex coacervation, where turpentine is the core material and the mixture of gelatin and gum acacia is the wall material. 1
26. A mild anaemia may not produce any symptoms at all in people in sedentary occupations. 1
27. A mild and high efficient method to prepare glycidyl nitrate by selective nitration of glycidol with dinitrogen pentoxide as the nitrating agent was developed. 1
28. A mild breeze shook the leaves and a few dark clouds scudded across the sky. 1
29. A mild breeze was picking up, offsetting the heavy blanket of sunshine that settled on my arms. 1
30. A mild example of this from antiquity was the Roman Saturnalia at the time of the winter solstice. 1

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