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1. “Animals can adapt to climate change, mainly by relying on migration, depopulation—which consists of starvation and cannibalism—and dietary change, ” he explains. 1
2. "Fishing areas" means spawning grounds, feeding grounds, wintering grounds and migration channels of fish and shrimp as well as aquacultural grounds of fish, shrimp, shellfish and aquatic plants. 1
3. "Fishing areas" means spawning grounds, feeding grounds, wintering grounds and migration channels of fishes and shrimps , and the mariculture waters of fishes, shrimps shellfishes and algae. 1
4. "Overnight, a traditional elephant migration route would become a rice farm," Vathana describes. 1
5. "Scientist Steven Reppert, who led the research, said: "We have shown the need for the circadian clock for monarch butterfly migration. 1
6. "Typically, migrants are the last hired and first fired," said Patrick Taran, senior migration specialist at the International Labor Organization. 1
7. "We found that in colon cancer cells, neurotensin increases not just the rate of growth but also other critical things, including cell migration and metastasis, " said UTMB surgery professor B. 1
8. A backout plan should be documented before migrating. It should detail what constitutes a successful migration, the conditions that trigger the backout procedure, and the backout procedure itself. 1
9. A biologist named Hugh Dingle, striving to understand the essence, has identified five characteristics that apply, in varying degrees and combinations, to all migrations. 1
10. A computer program for calculating migration time and distance of components in arbitrary multistep gradient field capillary gel electrophoresis is compiled on the basis of the result. 1
11. A curlew called and a tern fished the estuary; house martins were gathering, preparing for migration. 1
12. A DSP based single direction migration distributive parallel genetic algorithm is present. 1
13. A general method of data migration between heteroid databases was discussed subsequently. 1
14. A high dam would end their migration, irrevocably. 1
15. A method for deriving the smoothed ground surface from CMP datum of static correction is given to form a common datum for velocity spectrum, time-depth conversion and depth migration in depth domain. 1
16. A proposed programme of resettlement from the most overpopulated areas was shelved for fear of raising peasant expectations and unleashing dangerous mass migration. 1
17. A sample set of failed events are generated before migration. 1
18. A series of laboratory experiments on sand grain migration pattern in sand-carrying pipe with different angle of inclination were performed using the self-made test equipment. 1
19. A study of the propagation nature of the seismic wave shows that the wave equation migration method currently used incurs a neglectness of the influence of phase characteristic. 1
20. About 170 leading thinkers on labor and employment will take up topics ranging from child labor and labor migration to informal "under-the-table" work, discrimination against women, and job training. 1
21. Abstract: Groundwater is the major carrier for radionuclide migration in the high-level radioactive waste disposal. 1
22. According to geologic model of unsteady groundwater flow in heterogeneous medium and adopting the finite difference solution, the direction and strength of oil gas migration can be quantified. 1
23. According to Jiang Mingqian's homologous linear rule, the linear equation between the values of the migration parameter of homologues and homologous factor is derived. 1
24. According to Parsytec, the Xplorer offers users a migration path to its GigaCube massively parallel supercomputers which are also to use T9000s. 1
25. According to the stereographic cross model, the second type of migration reflects the shear-creep fault movement beneath the lithosphere. 1
26. Accordingly, a number of migration theories and general statements have been formulated over the years, as shown in Table 5.1. 1
27. Adopted in 1974, the U. S. Congress, "Jackson - Vanik amendment" provides that: "non-market economy" to satisfy the conditions on free migration can only be given MFN status. 1
28. Adverse conditions, such as a small-sized cage, inadequate seating, total facetectomy, a lack of posterior instrumentation and infection, can cause migration of interbody devices. 1
29. After a sumptuous dinner in the evening, we watched the sixth episode of "Wild China". The show told about the coastal environment and biodiversity of China through the migration route of birds. 1
30. After pyrolysis , the polydispersion is retained in the carbon aerogel , however , the diffuse interface layer disappears due to migration of the layer to particles to reduce the interface energy. 1

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