Mightily Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. 'She was mightily pleased to have your message, when I gave it her. 1
2. Activity in the slate quarries continues with a mightily impressive new route at Hodge Close from Paul Cornforth. 1
3. Acts 19:20 Thus, the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed. 1
4. Aenarion rose and smote the daemon mightily, cleaving its head in two and shearing its arm from its body. 1
5. After the fall of the western empire, the eastern empire, which had separated years earlier, fought mightily to recover the territories lost to the Germanic tribes in the west. 1
6. Alex grinned mightily, so proud of her he seemed about to explode. 1
7. Allocation of property rights are to be defined - matters mightily. 1
8. Although the emperor was mightily embarrassed when he realized he was parading naked, he preferred knowing the truth. 1
9. Among others, the work of two pairs of designers is still mightily influential in California design. 1
10. At home the man the Oval Office is mightily constrained by Congress. 1
11. Both offer unexpected views of Evans, swinging mightily through standards, modern classics and originals. 1
12. But Gerhardt frowned too mightily for him to venture on any further remonstrances . 1
13. But hardly able to stand such an insult, she returns, mightily testing both his faith and his pocketbook. 1
14. Despite his frailty he represented virility, he got results, he at least reacted mightily. 1
15. He feigned disappointment. Secretly, he was mightily relieved. 1
16. He got it out, rumpled and wilted and it mightily increased his dismal flicity. 1
17. He had given a mightily impres-sive performance. 1
18. He hit the peg mightily on the top with a mallet. 1
19. He spent ten years struggling mightily with the bureaucracy. 1
20. He strove mightily to achieve a better position in life. 1
21. He struck it mightily with his sword. 1
22. His model for comparison is Latvia, an Eastern European nation struggling mightily to reduce its fiscal deficit and keep its currency pegged to the euro in the hope of soon joining the currency union. 1
23. I was mightily refreshed by the beverage, as much so as a giant with wine. 1
24. I was mightily relieved when we landed at Manchester airport. 1
25. I was not best pleased with Joe's being so mightily secure of me. 1
26. I wonder mightily how this little event came to pass? 1
27. Ipswich chief George Burley was mightily relieved after five defeats. 1
28. It was mightily impressive bowling by any standards, and with his left hand in plaster it was quite remarkable. 1
29. She strove mightily to put Mike from her thoughts. 1
30. Simply by securing its economic needs, China is shifting the balance of power in the Eastern Hemisphere, and that must mightily concern the United States. 1

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