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# Sentence Times
31. "Even though it was already 10 P. M. , I asked if I could come by to see her. "Well, "he said hesitatingly, "if you want to take a chance, she might be in the day room watching television. 1
32. "God gave us memories so that we might have roses in December. " ------ J. M. Barrie. 1
33. "How's Jan?" she asked. — "Bad. As you might expect.". 1
34. "I do still muck about here sometimes," he said, but I wasn't sure how often that might be. 1
35. "I thought if it won the N.B.A. we might sell some copies, " she recalled. 1
36. "I thought you might have helped, " she replied peevishly. 1
37. "I was thinking I might do a lemon cream sauce and baked potatoes." "Splendid!" Midge applauded. 1
38. "I worry about whether my husband's company might go bankrupt," Suzuki said in an e-mail interview with Reuters, referring to the food manufacturer where her husband works. 1
39. "If you know you're going to have to score some points to win, you might get nervous, " Bush explained, sitting under a mulberry tree after Korte's class. 1
40. "In the future, we hope a clinician might be able to test the elafin levels of a transplant patient . to decide with a rash whether to initiate treatment, " says Ferrara. 1
41. "In the future, we hope a clinician might be able to test the elafin levels of a transplant patient with a rash to decide whether to initiate treatment, " says Ferrara. 1
42. "It is one major step in Turkey's very long path of democratization, and in Turkey, the military might has always been stronger than the elected official power, " she said. 1
43. "It says to me, 'You are not that important; other people or things might come along that are really more important,'" says Lori West, 39, a nurse from Virginia Beach, Va. 1
44. "It's dangerous, " Teal said, pulling one of Baldan's hands from the wall. "Praxis is destabilized. You might not be able to re-form..." 1
45. "Men will become neighbours," he wrote. "Whether they like it or not...The TV satellite is mightier than the ICBM." 1
46. "On one side of me there might be a homeless person looking for work, " she said. 1
47. "Our results suggest that increased regionalization of perinatal care might reduce mortality among very-low-birth-rate infants, " the investigators concluded. 1
48. "Possible today might be the last day Notre Dame is considered a Catholic school at a graduation, " said Sue Cyr, organiser of a group opposing Obama's visit. 1
49. "So many developers have asked us to build a marketplace, and we might do a revenue-sharing arrangement, " he said. 1
50. "Some women may develop a peri-oral dermatitis from using some old, expired makeup that might irritate the skin and cause little red bumps that look like acne, " adds Dr. Bowers. 1
51. "That might be difficult," interposed Mrs. Flavell. 1
52. "That's too bad, " he said, stepping away and adjusting his vest after his slight bending over. "I was thinking we might go to a show to-night. " 1
53. "The country which completes the standardisation work first might greatly influence the future international standards in nanotechnology, " said Bai in an interview with the Xinhua news agency. 1
54. "The filming meant giving up my privacy, " Dau explains, "but I knew it might spread the word and help my people." 1
55. "The leavings of a life," as D. H. Lawrence might say. 1
56. "The sun will one day become a white dwarf star, which is why we're interested in knowing more about them and what happens to any planets the original star might have had, " Provencal notes. 1
57. "Their idea that the blind gut might have been a very important facilitator of social evolution is certainly well supported by their review of the data, " Martin said. 1
58. "There's a chance he won't get involved in this, of course." — "And pigs might fly." 1
59. "There's probably some cannibalization of existing products. If you're going to buy blue ketchup, you might not buy traditional ketchup, " McCracken said. 1
60. "These results add to a growing body of evidence that maternally mediated inflammation might be part of the mechanistic pathway leading to autism, " Hertz-Picciotto said. 1




  - past of may.

  - used in questions and requests.

  - used to express possibility or make a suggestion.


  - great and impressive power or strength, especially of a nation, large organization, or natural force.


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