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# Sentence Times
1. A pair of meshed crossed helical gears usually have the same hand; that is , a right-hand driver goes with a right-hand driven. 1
2. And over it had meshed a concrete slab, which now the lever of the house was painfully and irresistibly easing up. 1
3. Based on presumption of the plain cross section, the nonlinear full-range analysis is carried out for 15 steel reinforced concrete L-shaped columns(SRCLSC) whose sections are meshed by their edges. 1
4. Day 4 Pagan-Mandalay A morning flight takes you to Mandalay where scenic beauty and historical tragedy are inextricably meshed. 1
5. Each of the ISP routers should be members of a fully meshed IBGP network. 1
6. Firstly, the connecting rod's finite element model is simplified appropriately, built parameterized and meshed. 1
7. He is averaging 9.9 points this season and replaces the underachieving Kukoc, who never meshed with the team. 1
8. I had to raise myself and look through the meshed window. 1
9. Improperly meshed or worn gear wheels, gear wheel brackets broken or improperly secured. 1
10. In the first instance, we would like to apply the MN's mobile history for the criterion of selecting proper MAP in the densely meshed tree topology. 1
11. My group in our new - product - launch department really meshed. 1
12. On the pre- mise of analysis of element quantities, quality and distribution, the whole car body is meshed by using shell element in order to establish the detailed model for FEM analysis. 1
13. She was meshed in thought. 1
14. Social development is completely meshed with and dependent on cognitive and affective development. 1
15. Someone having always that strange brightness of an essential flame that is caught, meshed, contravened. 1
16. The blades of the Martec propeller are not meshed so they tend to throw open with something of a clonk. 1
17. The camshaft and crankshaft gears can be connected directly, or meshed. 1
18. The cushion is meshed using pentahedron elements which nodes are shared with tyre and rim, and the contact forces are transferred. 1
19. The drive pinion is meshed with a large ring gear ring gear revolves with the pinion. 1
20. The embodiment of the invention solves the problem that the gears on two transmission shafts at the same level are not synchronously meshed with the gears at the adjacent level. 1
21. The geodesic meshed cable - net structure was used to support reflector of the Five - hundred - meter Telescope ( FAST ). 1
22. The model is meshed in two different ways, then the undamped free vibration on rotor is studied including the natural frequencies and mode shapes by comparison. 1
23. The model is then meshed, and the velocity distribution of the outflow field obtained using CFD. 1
24. The rings on every layer were meshed by the horizontal scanning line algorithm to make some even connective rectangular meshes. 1
25. The transmission is mechanical double levels controlled with constantly meshed helical gears , and coupling sleeve shift. 1
26. The two plans meshed with each other smoothly. 1
27. The wheels meshed well. 1
28. Their senses of humor meshed perfectly. 1
29. This pair is made of leather, meshed, and black, bronze and gold for available. 1
30. This toothed wheel should be meshed with that one. 1

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