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# Sentence Times
1. (Injecting water back returns the detector to a flat surface.) Injecting water into the chamber of the lens makes the thin membrane become a convex hemisphere. 1
2. "the vehicle race treasure" the trials, the automobile paste the membrane big game, lets the audience enjoy relaxedly automobile the pleasure which brings to the life. 1
3. A bioselective membrane electrode sensitive to methyldopa has been prepared by means of banana tissue covering an oxygen electrode and made in flow type. 1
4. A change in membrane potential affects the orientation of charged molecules. 1
5. A combination of coagulation and microfiltration with zirconia membrane was developed to treat cathodic electrocoating wastewater. 1
6. A composite nanofiltration membrane is fabricated by the interfacial polymerization supported on a microporous polysulfone substrate, using PDMAEMA as the prepolymer of the crosslinking reaction. 1
7. A fungous infection caused by a member of the genus Candida, especially Candida albicans, that can involve various parts of the body, such as the skin and mucous membranes. 1
8. A high efficient rubber membrane valve was made, and double-chambered PZT pump with high output capability was designed and fabricated. 1
9. A hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane was prepared by using polyvinyl chloride (PVC blends and the dry wet spinning technology. 1
10. A homogeneous anion exchange membrane with selective permeability was been applied to gold electrolysis. 1
11. A kind of rebuilding gaseous diffusion separation process into Jet membrane process is explained and it is pointed out that this kind of technique reform might reduce the cost of enriched uranium pe... 1
12. A mathematical model was established for catalytic dehydrogenation of butane in plug flow membrane reactor. 1
13. A mathematical relation has been established. Under certain etching conditions, the expected PP nuclear track membranes were made by etching the irradiated PP membrane, affirming the mat... 2
14. A membrane filter press was used for solid-liquid separation in a process to fractionate palm oil. After the filtration, press cake was pressed and squeezed to drive out water and air. 1
15. A membrane selectively permeable to gases separates the buffer from the blood sample. 1
16. A meningomyelocele is a protrusion of the meningeal membranes through a defect in the vertebral column and has nerve elements within the sac. 1
17. A metho of forming S - BLM ( solid supported self - assemblig bilayer Lipid membrane ) is described. 1
18. A method of using ion-exchange membrane electrodialysis for treating the alkali washing wastewater from the propylene chlorohydrination tail gas in the preparation of propylene-oxide is described. 1
19. A microminiature adaptive optics system with a 37-channel micromachined membrane deformable mirror(MMDM small size. 1
20. A multinucleate mass of cytoplasm surrounded by a cell membrane. 1
21. A new PVC membrane-norfloxacin (NFLX) selective electrode based on NFLX iodide and bismuth iodide molecular association complex is reported. 0
22. A new type of aircraft environmental control system (ECS) using a membrane-based high-pressure air dehumidification package is proposed. 0
23. A non-full membrane inner stent comprises a stent body, a tectorial membrane and a marker. 2
24. A novel antipollution ultrafiltration membrane and reverse osmosis combined membrane process were applied for in the textile wastewater treatment and reuse. 2
25. A novel evaluation of the separation performance of nanofiltration (NF) membranes for the mixed electrolytes solution was proposed. 1
26. A novel unsteady - state membrane permeation process was proposed based on state permeation. 1
27. A novel unsteady - state membrane permeation process was proposed based on steady - state permeation. 1
28. A plastic membrane serves as selective diffusion barrier. 1
29. A porous polymer membrane bag seals the electrolyte, allowing water vapour, but not the acid solution, to pass. 1
30. A porous silk fibroin membrane could be prepared through freeze-drying process, with dense top surface, porous bottom surface in low porosity and porous inner portion in high porosity. 1

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