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1. “The members who voted no will have some culpability, ” he said. 1
2. “The prison break will slow down the peace process,” said Mullah Noorul Aziz Agha, a Taliban member who recently decided to lay down his arms and work with the government. 1
3. ''They were not wearing apparel or anything that would have specifically identified them as being members of our delegation'' or as Americans, he told The Associated Press. 1
4. 'It is too late and is almost impossible to get rid of the U.S. debt, ' said Evgeny Gavrilenkov, chief economist at broker Troika Dialog and member of a government advisory panel. 1
5. 'We see this as an excellent opportunity to expand connectivity between our member states,' says Jim Wilkinson, executive director of CUSEC. 1
6. 'You have been chosen to return to Hyperion as a member of the Shrike Pilgrimage, ' continued the voice. 1
7. "Actually, we did not have normal contact from the Arsenal board, but from a member of the technical staff at the club, " said Barbosa. 1
8. "Escaped" eagerly degradation area Team Liaoning, the beginning launches to Luneng has fiercely attacked, but Luneng members not in condition, rear guard line fault repeatedly. 1
9. "Germany and France can't agree on the euro's future, with France wanting status quo and Germany saying it can't keep bailing out member states each time there is a crisis," said Ostwald. 1
10. "Groundwater resources are being rapidly depleted in many regions of the world," says U.C. Irvine hydrologist James Famiglietti, another team member. 1
11. "Hair reflects internal changes--things like sickness, nutrition and stress," says dermatologist Paradi Mirmirani, M.D., a faculty member of the American Academy of Dermatology. 1
12. "Having about a per cent of acetylene is potentially interesting from the life point of view, " says team member Jonathan Lunine of the University of Arizona in Tucson. 1
13. "He was a little teary. His voice was shaking, " recalled Doug Damon, a group member and CEO of Damon Industries, a beverage concentrate manufacturer. 1
14. "I don't like Michael Moore's movies. I don't like his message, " said Al Bonney, 65, a Rotary Charities board member. 1
15. "I've never seen a woman flatten someone like that," said a crew member. "She knocked him out cold." 1
16. "It is not unusual to find family members on different ends of the political spectrum," said Anastasia Tyler, an genealogist. 1
17. "It's really incredible work, particularly the results for Tanis, " says Peter Lacovara, an Egyptologist at the Michael C. Carlos Museum in Atlanta, who is not a member of Parcak's team. 1
18. "Just about every member of our committee was schooled on that experience", said Janet Yellen, San Francisco Federal Reserve president and member of the policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee. 2
19. "Just about every member of our committee was schooled on that experience", said Janet Yellen,(Sentencedict) San Francisco Federal Reserve president and member of the policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee. 2
20. "No trades or other transactions may be entered into by members of staff today without prior clearance from a member of Europe and Middle East operating committee, " said an email from management. 2
21. "Perhaps the most extensively wired (and now wireless) generation in American history," members of Gen X stay "better in touch with their relatives and friends than their parents ever did. 1
22. "Quaker" is a popular name for a member of a Christian sect named the Society of Friends and founded by George Fox in mid-17th century England. 1
23. "So much of what we thought we knew about Tyrannosaur evolution turns out to be simplistic or out-and-out wrong, " said Stephen Brusatte, a member of the team. 1
24. "That has created a very ugly environment" with unsubstantiated accusations and name-calling against former members of the Mubarak regime. 1
25. "The council has been troubled during its history," Brimmer said, "but the best way to really try to grapple serious problems on the council is from the inside as a member." 1
26. "The only thing I can guess at is the person who created this is scared," said Eric Sites, chief technology officer with Sunbelt Software and a member of the working group. 1
27. "The police have ransacked my house and ill-treated my family members, " he said in the message. "Our aim is to continue the struggle and mobilise the youth of the country from underground. 1
28. "The police will try to stop us, but we will try to break the blockade in strictly non-violent ways, " said Peter Polder, a 34-year-old Dutch green activist and member of Climate Justice Action. 1
29. "There were a total of five service members killed yesterday. Two were 55th Medical Company staff officers at the Liberty Combat Stress Control Center," it added. 1
30. "We haven't found evidence of infected pigs," said Ian Lipkin, a Columbia University epidemiologist and member of the World Health Organization's surveillance network. 1

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