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# Sentence Times
1. "It's a top priority for the State Department and the U.S. government to do all we can to ensure maximum access to information over the Internet and to assure minimum success by censors," Shiner said. 1
2. A bar graph shows present depth and maximum depth reached. 1
3. A black color means no specular at all, while a white color means maximum specular. 1
4. A compiler for a superscalar machine has to carefully schedule the instructions it generates, and interleave instructions from different computations, to achieve maximum performance. 1
5. A condition to specify the maximum rate of house completions for education reasons is required. 1
6. A credible regression equation for two side by side arranged buildings to predict the maximum interference factor of the mean wind pressure on the lateral face is proposed. 1
7. A criterion to determine the maximum resolving power of a resolving power test chart by using Fourier power spectrum is proposed. 1
8. A depositor was to be paid three-quarters of the amount of his deposit, but limited to a maximum deposit of £10,000. 1
9. A few common periods in the series of residual latitude (O-C) of four stations in China have been found by means of maximum entropy power spectrum, periodogram and least square fit methods. 1
10. A frequency domain adaptive maximum likelihood (ML) time delay estimation algorithm based on squared coherence function is proposed. 1
11. A given integer sequence, request an increase of its maximum length sequence. 1
12. A global maximum value is calculated internally by WebSphere Portal based on these property values. 1
13. A good general purpose tripod using the minimum material for the maximum load is illustrated in Figure 7. 1
14. A hundred thousand soldiers seems to have been the maximum any Hellenistic state was able to gather together for a decisive battle. 1
15. A large air well divides the two sections of the house allowing for maximum light to penetrate the living spaces. 1
16. A leader with a rating of nine on the horizontal axis has a maximum concern for production. 1
17. A leader with a rating of nine on the vertical axis has maximum concern for people. 1
18. A lesser finding of manslaughter carries a maximum 20-year prison term. 1
19. A luminaire may be provided with a maximum of one duplex or two single convenience receptacles . 1
20. A manostat output voltage and maximum output current depends on the selected three end stabilizer. 1
21. A maximum a posteriori estimation approach is used to evaluate the optimal values for the estimates of the parameters. 1
22. A maximum gradient tracing and rotation transformation approach is presented in this paper. It is used for extracting linear feature from magnetic and gravity data. 1
23. A maximum inversion of - 2500 m over the offshore part of Cleveland Hills High is recognised. 1
24. A maximum level was set for certain food products where the bacteria cannot grow, while in ready-to-eat products where growth is possible, no Listeria monocytogenes will be allowed. 1
25. A maximum of 10 users may be specified at each DC-ACCESS keyword. 1
26. A maximum of three years is preferable for the artist. 1
27. A maximum of two percent relief is allowed against his or her entire taxable income. 1
28. A maximum value theorem and a minimal value theorem of a canonical correlation variable in the context of a unitarily invariant norm were derived. 1
29. A maximum velocity at the equator reduces to a theoretical nil at the poles. 1
30. A method, apparatus and program storage device for providing real-time file system charge-back accounting with real time historical minimum and maximum usage per user or group during a report cycle. 1

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