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# Sentence Times
1. ' stentor or centaur ,'tis no matter, " answered Gerald, unruffled by his error. 1
2. 'Give 'em a lifelong siesta, I would, ' snarled Uncle Vernon over the end of the newsreader 's sentence, but no matter: outside in the flowerbed, Harrys stomach seemed to unclench. 1
3. 'I think this is the best so far.' 'Well, that's a matter of opinion . 1
4. 'I'm afraid I forgot that book again.' 'It doesn't matter .' 1
5. 'Now whether the other guys are going to give up the money from cybercrime because of what they say, no matter how sincere, is anybody's guess, ' he said. 1
6. 'So much for a simple thank you, ' Tethys thought sulkily . But all she said was, "Does it matter so much to you?" 1
7. 'We used to have sex every day as a matter of course,' he said grumpily. 'Now you're offering it up as a gift and I'm supposed to be grateful? 1
8. " As a matter of fact I was silly not to have come out earlier. 1
9. " No, wrong. "... presumedly altering their structure or at least compensating for the described dark matter decay, correct? 1
10. " Oh, that don't matter,'said the other affably.This website 1
11. " Spurgeon was quiet for a few minutes, and then he replied: "I think the weathervane is a good place for those words, because to me they say that God is love, no matter which way the wind blows. 1
12. " That's another matter, " he said crossly. 1
13. " The spokesman said the advisory opinion would be forwarded to the General Assembly, which would "determine how to proceed on this matter. 1
14. " Verily, and in good faith, " answered Roger Chillingworth, " I knew nothing of the matter. 1
15. " Well -- " began Rhett awkwardly, " as a matter of fact, he was at Belle's tonight. " 1
16. "A universe filled with matter will contract down to a small—but finite—size and then bounce out again, giving us the expanding cosmos we see today, " he says. 1
17. "Anyway, your case is a small matter. You will soon be released," the Sergeant said, and began to read a sheaf of dog-eared football-pool coupons. 1
18. "By my Faith, madam, " says Robin, "it is in vain to mince the matter or tell any more lies about it. 1
19. "Can reading and writing be a life-and-death matter?" British Army Maj. 1
20. "For now, there is euro demand around $1.40, but it's just a matter of time before it goes significantly lower," said Greg Salvaggio, vice president of trading at Tempus Consulting. 1
21. "He" rather than "It" can be referred to as the source of all beings, while He is indeed the source of all life and the source of non-living matters. 1
22. "Health Matters" is introduced by Dick Oliver on BBC World Service. 0
23. "Hey, is there anything the matter with my sisters?"— 'Is that why you're phoning.'. 1
24. "Homomorphic" is a mathematical term meaning that if you do two things to a bit of data – say, encrypt it and process it – the order in which you do them won't matter. 1
25. "I guess you haven't eaten yet."— 'As a matter of fact. I have.' said Hunter. 1
26. "I know you," he said flatly, matter-of-fact, neutral in tone. 1
27. "I rely on you, my dear, " said Anna Pavlovna, also in an undertone; "you write to her and tell me how the father will view the matter. Au revoir! " 1
28. "if i were you, "suggested her husband, "i'd take it down to the drug-store. a pharmacist can always read doctor' prescriptions, no matter how messy the writing is. he'll help you figure it out. 1
29. "In a matter of minutes, my precious daughter and the house I had built and furnished so proudly and my business ... all rubble," Dilan says. 1
30. "In his prime, Gates combined the monomania of the compulsive software programmer with the competitiveness of Attila the Hun, " said Nicholas Carr, author of Does IT Matter and The Big Switch. 0

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