Mating Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A connector assembly configured to engage a mating connector. 1
2. A few days after mating, females begin to lay their eggs, using an ovipositor to slice into branches. She leaves behind scarred trees hundreds of eggs in deeply-cut slits. 1
3. A glance at the mating behaviour of cats tells why. 1
4. A mating connector and a strain relief clamp for screwing into the head is provided for convenient mating with the terminal head. 2
5. A reduced height wire to board connector assembly includes mating plug and receptacle connectors. 1
6. A sage grouse in full mating display will compete for the attentions of females on the lek. 1
7. A special kind of polygynous mating system where aggregated males display and females attend primarily for the purpose of fertilisation. 1
8. A wandering albatross (Diomedea exulans) contracts its wings during a mating ritual on South Georgia Island, Antarctica. 1
9. Accurate recognition of sow oestrus is the key technique for identifying the optimal mating time and improving insemination. 1
10. After mating a basilisk pair remains together for several months. 1
11. After mating the male wasps tunnel through the sides of their nursery. 1
12. After mating, the female kills the male. 1
13. After mating, the territory is advantageous in protecting the eggs and young fish. 1
14. All fertile isolates were male fertile and belonged to a single mating type, MAT1-1, no female fertile and hermaphroditic isolates were detected in sample populations. 1
15. All mating threaded parts are made of dissimilar, non - galling metals. 1
16. All that will be required will be to feed a gilt developer diet ad libitum from arrival in the breeding herd until mating. 1
17. Allowance , An intentional difference in sizes of two mating parts. 1
18. Allowance: An allowance is the intentional difference in size of mating parts. It is the minimum clearance ( positive allowance between such parts. 1
19. Allowance: An allowance is the intentional difference in size of mating parts. It is the minimum clearance ( positive allowance between such parts. This website 1
20. Also, the preponderance of men means that the mating game works in favour of women. 1
21. And then put in different mating type Ascomycetes encounter occurred before integration. 1
22. Antheridiogen promotes antheridium and male gametophyte formation. Thus, inter gametophytic mating is more frequent and more successful in those species with high antheridiogen production. 1
23. Artificial selection, for instance, has demonstrated a genetic influence on the mating preferences of ladybirds. 1
24. Assortative mating has no influence on the heritability esmates from intra-sire regression. 1
25. Assortative mating means that the children of parents who agree on issues will be more likely to share whatever genes influence those beliefs. 1
26. Assortative mating Sexual reproduction in which the pairing of male and female is not random. 1
27. Assortative mating was either positive or negative. 1
28. At least know your gestation times so that you are not surprised when a mating at some forgotten date actually produces a calf! 1
29. Autumn calving presumes mating in early to mid Winter, the worst possible period for this exercise. 1
30. Avoid wildlife during sensitive times: mating, nesting , raising young, or winter. 1




matings (plural noun)

  - the action of animals coming together to breed; copulation.


  - (of animals or birds) come together for breeding; copulate.

  - connect or be connected mechanically.


  - short for checkmate.


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