Materially Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A stakeholder is as anyone who is materially affected by the outcome of the project. 1
2. A Type I condition allows additional cost recovery if the conditions differ materially from those indicated in the contract documents. 1
3. Adispatched by the offeree which materially alters the a new offer. 1
4. And when the artist-artisan combination is that of a pianist and piano maker as well as the art of piano playing and the science of piano making, it must benefit him materially. 1
5. Any work which materially affects the character of a listed building, inside or out, requires listed building consent. 1
6. Based on the combination of mapping infinite element principle and elastic-plastic incremental theory , a coupling model of finite and infinite elements is presented to solve materially non. 1
7. Consider the immense implications of such a materially impoverished life. 1
8. First, it deals with Tillich's understanding of belief. Then the author elaborates that absolute belief is materially the ultimate concern for humanity. 1
9. For a file of this size, no value has been altered materially due to the simplification of using Poisson values. 1
10. He has tried to help this child materially and spiritually. 1
11. He was well - off materially. 1
12. I realise that there is very little that I can offer Frieda materially. 1
13. I was supported by him both materially and spiritually. 1
14. If at any point in time the standard cost materially differs from the actual cost, the Standard revision account should be used to adjust inventories to actual cost. 1
15. In addition, pension scheme trusts have characteristics which are materially different from those of conventional trusts. 1
16. In each case the actuarial assumptions agreed can materially affect the size of the transfer value. 1
17. In the clubhouse I learned that we had lost nothing, materially, just the match, and that was enough. 1
18. Is the high-performance approach materially different, or is it just a new label for a set of old ideas? 1
19. It finds no solid support anywhere, either materially or intellectually. 1
20. It is hard to imagine anyone else in this island who was more isolated and more materially deprived. 1
21. It is materially ahead of other countries. 1
22. Many people hunger for a materially better life. 1
23. Now that label had gone but they were relatively poor and worse off materially. 1
24. On the other hand, I could find nothing to suggest that his general health was materially affected. 1
25. Our situation has gotten materially worse. 1
26. Sue was assisting Jude very materially now. 1
27. The actual results of the Group may differ materially from those illustrated. 1
28. The age distribution of a particular workforce can materially affect the problems of work design and training. 1
29. The author developed an analysis data module and executive campaign module, described the development process materially. 1
30. The facts of that case were not materially different from this one. 1

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