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1. 'I was driving on a road trip through Nevada across to Arizona when I took in the Hoover Dam as a tourist,' said Jamey, who has been photographing the Bridge since march 2009. 1
2. 'We expect the headline inflation rate to ease to below 2% by march end as prices of manufactured products continue to soften,' said Manoranjan Sharma, chief economist at Canara Bank. 1
3. " Graphics programming with libtiff" (developerWorks, march 2002) discusses black and white imaging concepts, with a particular focus on TIFF images. 1
4. "At ease", "attention" and "quick time, march" are the most commonly heard orders in PE classes. 0
5. "I saw the X-37B from my home in Pasadena, California, around sunrise on march 31st," reports Anthony Cook of the Griffith Observatory. 1
6. "I would not interpret the currently very flat yield curve as indicating a significant economic slowdown to come," Bernanke said in his first speech to Wall Street as head of the Fed in march 2006. 1
7. "I'll never forgive you for this," Marge said, and she marched off without a backward glance. 1
8. "Judging by the coincident index, there is a chance that march was the bottom for Japan's economy," Susumu Kato, chief economist at Calyon Capital Markets Japan. 1
9. "Local mothers are being forced to give birth in the corridors of hospitals because mainland mothers are over-crowding our hospitals, " Annie Yam, a mother of two who took part in the march, told AFP. 1
10. "The baby's due in march," Caroline said grinning and patting her stomach. 1
11. "The Quartet will take full stock of the situation at its meeting in Moscow on march 19," the statement said. 1
12. "They are lovely. But Beth's roses are sweeter to me, " said Mrs. march, smelling the half-dead posy in her belt. 1
13. "This technology is intended as a mask for the development of an intercontinental ballistic missile," Gates said in a march 29 interview on the Fox television network's Fox News Sunday. 1
14. "We are all at the mercy of a falling tile, " Julius Caesar reminds us in Thornton Wilder's Ides of march. 1
15. "We arrive at the September equinox a day late, because we were going a little bit slower in July, and we arrive at the march equinox a day earlier, " Young said. 1
16. "We only found out about 48 hours before, " says Lee Bennett, executive chef at London's Le Pont de la Tour, where in march last year, Gordon Brown ate one of his last meals out as prime minister. 1
17. "We're marching along," Donahoe said, adding that he still expects the deal to close in mid-November. 1
18. "Yellow River Cantata" written in the Sino-Japanese War in 1938 autumn and winter, the writer with the anti-Japanese forces marched to the northwest shore of the Yellow River. 1
19. 1000 people marched, beating drums and carrying flags. 1
20. 1946 - Japanese Lt. General Masaharu Homma is executed outside Manila in the Philippines for leading the Bataan Death march. 1
21. 1946 - Japanese Lt. General Masaharu Homma is executed outside Manila in the Philippines for leading the Bataan Death march. This website 1
22. 1958: The Wedding march by Felix Mendelssohn becomes a popular wedding recessional after it is played at the marriage of Queen Victoria's daughter, Victoria, and Friedrich of Prussia on January 25. 1
23. 2007 was another big year for Google with the company growing to become America's fifth largest listed stock (by market cap) whilst continuing its march towards world domination. 1
24. 300 war veterans took part in the parade and march-past. 0
25. 5000 people carrying banners and signs marched to the Capitol building. 1
26. A £10 book token will be awarded to the sender of the first correct solution opened on Thursday 7 march. 1
27. A 41-year-old man had suffered trauma to the right eye 30 years ago. In march 1996, he underwent trabeculectomy and peripheral iridectomy under the diagnosis of open angle glaucoma in the right eye. 1
28. A battalion of infantry that was marching towards the cabriolet shuffled on to the grass verge. 1
29. A bizarre upside-down house created on the grounds of a German zoo will be open to the public on march 30, the Daily Mail reported. 1
30. A boat lies marooned on top of destroyed homes in Dichato, Chile, Monday, march 1, 2010. 1

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