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# Sentence Times
1. he maintains, with the first cock crow, the twittering of birds at dawn, the sight of the rising sun glinting on the trees and pastures. 1
2. “ The EEOC has been very aggressive in trying to basically demonize the Kidmans for trying to maintain a good work environment for their employees ??? 1
3. 'starbucks' mission statent is 'establish starbucks as the prier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world whellole maintaining our uncompromising principles whellole we grow. 1
4. 'Without some improvement in the economy and job creation, it will be difficult for companies across the board to maintain the robust pace of earnings we've seen, ' says Puglia. 1
5. "Beat Generation" that crazy is that those who want to maintain the privately wise to take the avoidance of the law, then they rely on violence and the pursuit of the heavens to induce "crazy. 1
6. "Because there is no myelin damage at birth, we assumed prions are needed to maintain the quality of the myelin sheath, which diminishes throughout life, " says Aguzzi. 1
7. "I envision that vaccine approaches like this could be useful as maintenance therapy, " says Kwak. "We would use chemotherapy and surgery to debulk the tumor and then vaccinate to maintain remission." 1
8. "I Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma swear that I will be faithful to the Republic of South Africa, and will obey, observe and uphold and maintain the constitution and all other law of the republic," he said. 1
9. "It's still not clear that selective interference gives a strong enough individual advantage to maintain high rates of sex and recombination, " says Barton. 1
10. "Not all feminism has to be like this," Jo maintains. 1
11. "Thus, any attempt by Plaintiffs to rely upon California law as a basis for maintaining this action in California is misplaced and fails as a matter of law and contract, " the memorandum says. 1
12. "We found that people who are wiser maintain a sense of happiness, " Etezadi says: "They are high on wisdom, which has a buffering effect." 1
13. A 3-chimney height exclusion zone shall be maintained to minimize the chance of ejecta or debris hitting any spectators. 1
14. A balance between the two is to be maintained for good health and this is the essence of a macrobiotic diet. 1
15. A bit stream control mechanism is introduced to maintain the data rate after the embedding manipulation. 1
16. A black body maintained at a constant temperature is a full radiator at that temperature because the radiation reaching and leaving it must be in equilibrium. 1
17. A butch lesbian with motherly tendencies, she maintained her dignity and in some lights could look beautiful. 1
18. A complete planned maintenance programme is necessary to ensure that pests are controlled and hygiene standards are maintained. 1
19. A comprehensive range of manual records and files is maintained by the various personnel sections in the organisation. 1
20. A cycle ride, walk or swim at least three times a week will boost your circulation and help maintain a healthy bloom. 1
21. A dash was introduced into the S. macroura sequence to maintain alignment. 1
22. A database management system ( DBMS ) defines, creates, and maintains a database. 1
23. A deviant grammatical structure may occasionally be accepted in very restricted contexts, for instance in order to maintain rhyme or metre in poetry. 1
24. A Dole presidency would probably maintain the current balance or add to the Congress-limiting majority. 1
25. A due watchfulness on the movements of the enemy was maintained. 1
26. A feed-forward back propagating neural network is trained to achieve and maintain control of the unstable periodic orbits embedded in a chaotic attractor on the inputs of parameter perturbation model. 1
27. A few large hotels maintain their own workshops for such tasks as carpentry and upholstering. 1
28. A former Prime Minister of England said in regard to the Boer War, that it "served to maintain the principle that the smaller nationalities should not be oppressed." 1
29. A good diet is necessary for maintaining a healthy body. 1
30. A good roaster must be part artist, and part scientist, to maintain quality and consistency. 1




maintains (third person present) · maintained (past tense) · maintained (past participle) · maintaining (present participle)

  - cause or enable (a condition or state of affairs) to continue.

  - provide with necessities for life or existence.

  - state something strongly to be the case; assert.


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