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# Sentence Times
1. A lyrical middle section precedes to a repeated theme reinforced by a military drum gone mad. 1
2. A style with ornamental, poetic , curvilinear forms and lyrical the great peoplemes. 1
3. Also, lyrical parameters are as wide as current popular taste allows. 1
4. As instrumentally overblown as the worst art rock and as lyrically shallow as any psychobabble. 1
5. As sene el features of the music and rhythm, making a beautiful lyrical dance movements, Graceful. 1
6. As the most famous singer on China's contemporary pop scene, Wong combines alternative styles, influenced by the Scottish group Cocteau Twins, with more traditional Chinese lyrical ballads. 1
7. Baudo is much more lyrical in style. 1
8. Before waxing lyrical about types of communication we need firstly to appreciate the uniqueness of the hotel environment. 1
9. Both are ambitious, classicist, cleverly arranged, lyrically high-concept, dense with possible meaning-- and, yes, a little strange. 1
10. Both musically and lyrically it is very effective. 1
11. But such a book may begin as lyrical mystery and end as doggerel. 1
12. But the sheets that really take the breath away are six lyrical drawings by Antoine Watteau , including the Turkish man. 1
13. Commentaries on lyrical Work, Wang Guowei, Wen Guo Bookshop, Tainan, 1986. 1
14. David Pountney s production melds lyrical symbolism with unflinching realism to unforgettable effect. 1
15. During that time, he has pursued his own path, favouring lyrical abstraction at the expense of changing fashion. 1
16. Even something as prosaic as a roast chicken Jasper could transform into something nearly lyrical. 1
17. Farideh Cadot offers us the penetrating lyrical vision of the late Daniel Tremblay, who worked with a range of disparate materials. 1
18. First, the lyrical lines attached particular importance to the self - tension lines. 1
19. For Chinese readers, is this : The people will undoubtedly be confused by Western imagery, lyrical poetry and the whole tone of the remarks in inconsistent is described as unexpected. 1
20. For decades to come, Brubeck's two-handed chordal playing and sparing use of syncopation would beautifully complement Desmond's floating and lyrical lines. 1
21. Gedge later became much more clandestine and unpretentious when asked about the lyrical content of his songs. 1
22. German romantic poet known for his lyrical ballads and plays, including Ludwig the Bavarian ( 1819 ). 1
23. Hayden was an African American poet who managed, in this brief epic, to bring the slave trade into lyrical focus with a polyphony of voices. 1
24. He began to wax lyrical about his new car. 1
25. He has recreated the mood of his beloved Provence in a lyrical mural of clustered vines. 1
26. He was its poet and its prophet for almost 60 years and when he died Saturday, a lyrical voice was silenced. 1
27. He waxed lyrical about the skills and commitment of his employees. 1
28. He waxed lyrical about the variety of fish in the river. 1
29. He waxed lyrical on the food at the new restaurant. 1
30. He wrote the era theme with prose way and simple rational language, which showed the hurricane passionate lyrical momentum and the romantic way of ideographic. 1




  - (of literature, art, or music) expressing the writer's emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way.

  - relating to the words of a popular song.


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