Lumbered Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use lumbered, so you can learn how to use lumbered in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word lumbered here, and see the words sound like or similar to lumbered

# Sentence Times
1. A career was less easy once I was lumbered with a husband and children. 1
2. A rhinoceros lumbered towards them. 1
3. A team of bulldozers lumbered up the steep incline. 1
4. According to a joint survey conducted in 1998 by the British and Indonesian governments, legally lumbered wood only accounts for about half of that transported to sawmills in Indonesia. 1
5. After more than 20 minutes of contemplation, the buffalo lumbered off the road and disappeared into the trees. 1
6. Eastward from Ashkhabad my train lumbered across a region of oases where rivers dropped out of Iran to die in the Turcoman desert. 1
7. Have you noticed that Mr Dickens lumbered a little in his walk? 1
8. He got lumberedwith the job of finding accommodation for the whole team. 1
9. His mind is lumbered with foolish ideas. 1
10. His mind was lumbered with those decadent ideas of the bourgeosie. 1
11. Huge, ancient diesel trucks lumbered through the crowd between tractors and horse-drawn carts. 1
12. I always seem to get lumbered with the job of clearing up after a party. 1
13. I then lumbered back into bed and started to drift off. 1
14. I was lumbered with carrying the books from the ground floor to the six floor. 1
15. I was lumbered with one hairstyle and that's the way it would stay. 1
16. I was lumbered with the job of taking charge of all the money. 1
17. In the distance, across the lake, a truck lumbered around a corner on the hill. Sunlight twinkled in its side-view mirror. 1
18. Instead of proceeding at his normal brisk trot, he lumbered up the step-ladder and heaved himself ponderously inside the machine's cabin. 1
19. It looks as though we're going to be lumbered with Uncle Bill for the whole weekend. 1
20. Rosie's shadow loomed monstrously across the ceiling as she lumbered to her feet with a threatening growl. 1
21. Roused, the Monsignor hiked the skirt of his voluminous cassock and lumbered up to the podium. 1
22. She was lumbered with a bill for about ninety pounds. 1
23. Slowly the boiler began to rattle and, sure enough, it lumbered into life. 1
24. Something lumbered and crashed out on the sandbank. 1
25. The boss lumbered me with a troublesome job. 1
26. The German war machine had lumbered falteringly over the frontier and come to a standstill Linz. 1
27. The German war machine had lumbered falteringly over the frontier and come to a standstill near Linz. 1
28. The heavily - loaded garbage truck lumbered down the street. 1
29. The huge convoy of trucks lumbered out of the city. 1
30. The old man lumbered upstairs. 1

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