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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use lucky, so you can learn how to use lucky in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word lucky here, and see the words sound like or similar to lucky

# Sentence Times
1. 'I was just lucky,' he said modestly. 1
2. " Full of lucky words , aren't you? " demanded the old man , sarcastically. 1
3. " Needless to say, you'll be the lucky one,'said the voice of Ming - feng , with a giggle. 1
4. "A lucky goofball!" said Tex. 1
5. "Do these kids know how lucky they are?" Jackson asked rhetorically. 1
6. "I'm a lucky man, undeservedly lucky," he said humbly. 2
7. A bottle of champagne will soon be winging its way to 10 lucky winners. 1
8. A driver had a lucky escape after a brick was dropped on his car from an overhead bridge. 1
9. A few lucky people have struck gold by investing in this company. 1
10. A game in Fresno against the Clippers would have been lucky to be that well - attended. 1
11. A lucky find in the Cotswolds is helping archaeologists discover what life was like in Roman Britain. 1
12. A lucky group of students will profit by an exchange visit overseas. 1
13. A lucky speculation in the stock market put him on easy street for the rest of his life. 1
14. A lucky stalwart might gain the patronage of some powerful upper-hab clan or even of a noble. 1
15. A lucky thought occurred to him, to send Bellerophon to combat with the Chimaera. 1
16. A man is lucky if he is the first love of a woman. A woman is lucky if she is the last love of a man.This website Charles Dickens  2
17. A neighbour had a lucky escape, for she had left the couple's house just minutes before. 1
18. A neighbouring farmer had a lucky escape. 1
19. A series of lucky accidents led the explorer to his discovery. 1
20. A top-tier university is not only significant as a research center, but as a networking hub, cultural behemoth, and, if you're lucky, a wheeler-dealer landlord. 1
21. A well stocked tombola provided many potential Christmas presents for the lucky winners. 1
22. Aboard steps a busker in a perky kiss-me-quick hat with lucky heather stuck in the band, accompanied by a face-painted consort. 1
23. Ace thought that was another suspiciously lucky break, but she had no complaints. 1
24. Ace thought that was another suspiciously lucky break,(This website/ace.html) but she had no complaints. 1
25. After a lucky thirteen episodes, Crawford decided that Frank Spencer should bow out. 1
26. After all, how many people in this world are lucky enough to become so fabulously wealthy before crow's feet and cellulite settle in? 1
27. Alan was lucky enough to discover a scorpion in the fruit bowl. 1
28. Alex was lucky. He crashed his car but gat off with only a few scratches. 1
29. All of us are lucky to live near a major military installation. 1
30. All the tragedies and happiness in my life are something I am lucky to be able to incorporate into what I do. 1

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