Loyalty Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. 'Chinese have zero loyalty to their employer, ' one executive at a manufacturing firm told us. Said the general manager of a Shanghai hotel: 'The most important motivator is money. ' 1
2. A company - wide business strategy designed to reduce costs and increase profitability by solidifying customer loyalty. 1
3. A few years ago, the pope upped the ante and added a written loyalty oath to him and his every pronouncement. 1
4. A kind of men of practice discusses all days about benevolence, righteousness, loyalty, credit, modest, austereness and declination. 1
5. A point-of-sale application, represented by the portal on the upper left in the example in Figure 2, might be used for a customer loyalty module managing profiles of common customers. 1
6. A reward for unswerving loyalty, no doubt. 1
7. A spirit of nationalism, national self-conscious ness, and loyalty to constituted authority were in embryonic evidence. 1
8. A very cohesive group will demonstrate strong loyalty to its individual members and strong adherence to its established norms. 1
9. A.. Watch customer loyalty, retention rates, share of purchases. 1
10. According to Confucius, benevolence means courtesy, loyalty and unselfishness. 1
11. Adelina feels offended that her husband would doubt her loyalty knowing the depth of her love and the rectitude of her character. 1
12. After reading up on the Nation, Malcolm sat in his cell and wrote twenty-five drafts of a one-page letter to Elijah Muhammad, pledging his spiritual loyalty. 1
13. All manufacturers want to encourage brand loyalty to their own products. 1
14. All the countries have proclaimed their loyalty to the alliance. 1
15. All the qualities that defines him, his tenaciousness, his deep sense of loyalty, his courage to risk his life for what he knew was right, all those traits were with him on that last day. 1
16. All those years of unswerving loyalty to Alphonse Mobuto and this was all it had brought him. 1
17. Also, since this is the area of your chart that governs intimacy, sexual unions, fidelity, and loyalty, you could find that these areas have had a similar "fogginess" to them. 1
18. Among her many virtues are loyalty, courage, and truthfulness. 1
19. Among her many virtues are loyalty,spunk,and truthfulness. 1
20. An anecdote may serve to point up the intensity of this enterprise loyalty in Japan. 1
21. An owner invests years, a fan invests his loyalty, and, there go both, along with the athlete. 1
22. Analyzing the phenomenon of band loyalty is not for the close-minded. 1
23. Any leader, I should have thought, would have demanded loyalty and support from a vice-president as a basic minimum. 1
24. Any phone company that puts loyalty above flexibility is destined for the morgue. 1
25. Are patterns of political loyalty changing in Southwest Birmingham? 1
26. As a general, he inspired great loyalty in his troops. 1
27. As gratified as I was by this display of loyalty and human decency, the picture was bleak. 1
28. As with any isolated and largely self-contained community the agricultural village was often the object of a fierce loyalty among its inhabitants. 1
29. As with the peasantry, strong ties of loyalty and obligation tend to prevent the development of permanent horizontal links. 1
30. Aspects of the revolt gave further illustration of the unreliable loyalty of sections of the armed forces. 1

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