Lovely Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use lovely, so you can learn how to use lovely in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word lovely here, and see the words sound like or similar to lovely

# Sentence Times
1. ''You have lovely hair'', said Bob to Emma, who blushed at the compliment. 1
2. 'Can I get you anything?' 'A cup of tea would be lovely' 0
3. 'It's a lovely day.' 'It certainly is.'/'Yes it is.' 1
4. " Let's stroll about, " he said gayly, rising and surveying all the lovely park. 1
5. "I have never had one of these before," said my colleague Polly Toynbee, "it's rather lovely. 1
6. "It's been a lovely day," she said, dismissing the episode. 1
7. "Such lovely clothes. I'd no idea Milan was so wonderful," she raved. 1
8. "They are lovely. But Beth's roses are sweeter to me, " said Mrs. March, smelling the half-dead posy in her belt. 1
9. A childlike man with little brain selfish soul a lovely smile. 1
10. A dark and lovely young woman smiled at her from the doorstep. 1
11. A day, master fete entertains guests, Call a monkey to perform make a bow with hands folded in front to salute, everybody feels it is very lovely. 1
12. A deuce of a lovely day. 1
13. A fantasy, but a lovely one, and one that she would miss when she went back home. 1
14. A farmer has a lovely dog, its name is Bingo. 1
15. A hugely successful television career, fame, lots of money, a happy home life and lovely children. 1
16. A ladybird high in a tree said, Red's a lovely thing to be! 1
17. A lean and lovely couple, with small pieces of designer luggage. 1
18. A limo pulls up to a nightclub and Hector greets the several lovely women who pile out of it. 1
19. A lovely bear, a pair of diamond eardrops and two hearts. 1
20. A lovely house Syon, whose occupants tended the sick and brought about many a cure. 1
21. A lovely master suite plus three double bedrooms and a king size rumpus room offer individual space for the family. 1
22. A lovely rich rust red colour, it retails at around £4.75 a kilo. 1
23. A lovely river flowed into the sea there which had excellent washing pools with an abundance of clear bubbling water. 1
24. A lovely thing about Christmas is that it's compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together. Garrison Keillor  1
25. A lovely white hand, spangled and professionally looked after, gripped Lois's arm for an intimate squeeze. 1
26. A lovely white hand, spangled and professionally looked after,(This website/spangle.html) gripped Lois's arm for an intimate squeeze. 1
27. A master packager knows how to integrate art and nature without any traces of embellishment, so that the person so packaged is no commodity but a human being, lively and lovely. 1
28. A more sedate option is the lovely old steamship TSS Earnslaw. 1
29. A nifty and lovely pixie sits on the global glass bottle lid. 1
30. A pair of these, with a simple matching scarf in a lovely colour, makes a quick but most acceptable present. 1






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