Loiter Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use loiter, so you can learn how to use loiter in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word loiter here, and see the words sound like or similar to loiter

# Sentence Times
1. "The missile can go into a loitering mode, " explains a super-secret Navy official whose name we can't use. 1
2. A - shares, the hedge fund has been seen loitering. 1
3. A gang of youths were loitering outside the cinema. 1
4. A man was seen loitering in Clotherholme Road but had disappeared by the time officers arrived. 1
5. A policeman had suspected them for loitering about, they wouldn't give a reasonable explanation or account of themselves. 1
6. A servant was washing the steps, and some crabs began to disport themselves in the little pools, and a pig that was loitering about began to mouth the crabs. 1
7. Alone and palely loitering? 1
8. And this is why I sojourn here Alone and palely loitering Though the sedge is withered from the lake, And no Birds sing. 1
9. At first in a bunch, then stringing out, some hastening, some loitering, though the distance is short. 1
10. Avoid: Regret to loiter, bewilder to busy unpromising. 1
11. But don't loiter, boy. 1
12. But watch me loiter over coffee with my Rachel. 1
13. Can reserve a loiterer as well. 1
14. Capable of flying above 16, 000 feet and loitering over the battlefield for more than 24 hours, the four-foot-long (1.2 m) platform provides persistent low-altitude ISR. 1
15. Come as you are; do not loiter over your toilet. 1
16. Come straight home and don't loiter, Alan. 1
17. Days went by, and he was still loitering with them. 1
18. Desmond Fairchild was loitering in the corridor when Meredith emerged from the rehearsal room. 1
19. Don't loiter away the afternoon, Jimmy. 1
20. Don't loiter away your time. 1
21. Don't loiter on the way home! 1
22. Don't loiter on your way home from school. 1
23. Don't loiter your away. 1
24. Five or six teenagers loiter in front of a newsagent, drinking shandy and smoking. 1
25. Five or six teenagers were loitering in front of the newsagent's. 1
26. He had no great temptation to loiter. 1
27. He loitered in the empty street, trying to be sure it was the right house. 1
28. He loitered in the parking lot, pleasantly bemused by the coquettish chatter of juniors who courted him. 1
29. He loitered in the wings, although usually he sat in his dressing-room until the curtain rose on the Mermaid's Lagoon. 1
30. He looked at Kopyion, loitering as if he wanted to say something. 1

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